Why Yamaha bikes are so popular among youngsters?

Charlotte Miller

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The moment you hear the name Yamaha, you would know that we are talking about bikes that speak for themselves, bikes that don’t require an introduction! The reason is the name and brand value it earned since it made its first bike in 1955. The Japanese brand Yamaha laid its foundation by making musical instruments, namely the piano. It became the first piano manufacturer in Japan and continued making other instruments such as the harmonica and guitars. However, today the brand is known worldwide for its bikes. Yamaha bikes have been some of the gamechangers in major segments of the two wheeler market, mainly the recreational ones.

The bikes have especially been appreciated by the young souls around the world. The design of the Yamaha bikes itself calls out to the adventurer in oneself! However, there are many more things about the bikes of this brand that makes it a great choice for youngsters. Hence, we will see what the common features of Yamaha bikes are, and the best selling Yamaha bike in India.

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What are the common features of Yamaha bikes?

Yamaha has been making bikes falling under various categories of bikes. When you look at the brand’s catalog, you will see bikes ranging from dirt bikes and sports bikes, to cruising bikes and even scooters! The brand has been exploring all the different segments of the two wheeler market, and been making great products for each of those segments. 

For example, if we talk about the design of the bike, the design of a dirt bike would obviously be different from that of a sports bike or a touring bike. However, irrespective of the category, Yamaha has been known to deliver bikes that are strong in built, and are designed to bring the best out of the bike’s features with supportive aerodynamics. While this might not feel like a lot, the design itself does a great job at making the high performance bikes that Yamaha is famous for!

Likewise, best Yamaha bikes always have powerful and smooth engines, safe and secure braking systems, and excellent electronics to support the design. All of these factors together have made the Yamaha bikes very popular among youngsters.

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Which is the best Yamaha bike in India and why is it so popular?

When we look at the popularity that Yamaha bikes have amongst youngsters, the brand’s best seller gives us a fair idea of why the bikes are in such high demand. The best selling Yamaha bike in India is the Yamaha YZF R15 V3, as of June 2021. The ex-showroom price of the bike in Delhi starts at Rs. 1.49 lakhs. And for the price, the bike is a complete value for money.

The 155 cc engine of the bike is very powerful and gives you a nice torque in the first rev. Being a sports bike, the product also gives you a quick pickup. The maximum power of the engine is 18.3 bhp @ 10,000 rpm! And despite the power, the bike has a mileage of 45 kmpl.

The bike has beautiful electronics as well such as the LED headlamps and tail lights, and the digital LCD instrument cluster in the front. And the design looks track-ready with near-perfect fairing. 

Additionally, you may want to check out the best-sounding exhausts for Yamaha bikes, if you’re looking to increase and improve the sound of your bike.

Combine the style, the power, and the technology together and you have a bike that appeals to the youngsters! And this remains constant in all of Yamaha’s bikes, making it a great choice for them.


The Yamaha bikes that are sold in India have been very attractive for youngsters for a long time. The power, the speed, the looks, and the comfort are all so appealing to young brains that the bikes are very difficult to resist! Hence, Yamaha motorcycles has been targeting the young minds who look for bikes to channel the daredevil in them! And with the advancements of automobile technology, the bikes are just expected to get better. The future looks great for the souls who like to ride powerful engines!