Why Should You Clean Your Coffee Pot With Vinegar?

Charlotte Miller

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Haven’t cleaned your coffee maker since you bought it? Have been noticing that lately that your coffee tastes a little too bitter? Is there a visible mineral buildup and oily looking membrane present in your coffee pot? Is coffee maker not making coffee as efficiently as it used to? Is coffee having a foul smell like if it is moldy?

All these signs mean that your coffee maker need a deep cleaning, and not just changing the water in the reservoir or changing your coffee filters. For a deep cleaning of your coffee maker you will need to use cleaning agent that can help remove all germs and dirt that is build up over time in your coffee maker.

As laundry, your home appliances also deserve a good cleanup every now and then, and considering a cup of coffee is what keeps most us sane to work throughout the day we really need to take good care of our coffee makers. According to scientific research, your coffee maker is one the most germ-infested appliance in your home so this clearly proves why our best coffee maker for home start making different tasting coffee over time.

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How to Clean-Up Your Coffee Maker Effectively?

For a good cleanup the best and cheapest option for you is to use White Distilled Vinegar as a cleaning agent. You don’t need to buy special detergents or cleaning tablets, just equal parts vinegar and water in the coffee maker and brew it and repeat two more cycles with plain water and your coffee maker will be (nearly) as good as new.

Vinegar is a natural organic way of getting access to acetic acid which helps get rid of any build up impurities in your coffee maker. It helps purify and sanitize your water reservoir, coffee pot and carafe and also dissolves any mineral buildup.

However, vinegar has a very distinct sour smell that is very unappetizing and can linger in the coffee maker if not properly washed out. To help tackle this problem you should brew plain water in the coffee maker for two times, this will make sure that now vinegar residue is left and completely cleaning the coffee maker components.

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Clean Up are Necessary:

Now when you are done with the deep cleaning and enjoying your coffee, you have to remember that you must rinse your coffee pot and carafe on daily basis. It helps reduces the buildup of germs, mineral and mold overtime. If you don’t rinse YOU SHOULD NOW! 

It is extremely unhygienic to not rinse your coffee pot and carafe as germs buildup making your coffee filled with germs hence disturbing your coffee experience. Yes, it is understandable that one might feel lazy and just want an easy cup of joe but still hygiene is the most important thing and one should adopt good habits.

Other than rinsing daily, a good deep cleaning with vinegar once a month won’t hurt rather it will help restore the perfect taste and good qualities of satisfying cup of coffee.

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Why Vinegar is Best to Use?

  • Eco-Friendly:

Considering how hazardous some soaps and detergents are for the environment it is better to use vinegar. Vinegar is naturally produced; its organic nature makes it eco-friendly.

  1. Cheap and Easy to Find!

Moreover, white distilled vinegar is so CHEAP AND EASY TO FIND! Almost all of us have bought a bottle of vinegar sometimes but we rarely ever use it so using vinegar as a cleaning agent for your coffee maker is a good way to utilize it and being affordable it would not hurt to buy more when needed.

  • Gentle on Glass:

Vinegar is also very gentle in nature to use on glass, as a large number of coffee makers have glass coffee pots, so using vinegar is a better option to keep your glass pot in the best possible condition and enhance the life of your coffee maker overall.

  • Can Clean More Than Just Coffee Maker:

Vinegar can also be used to clean your other home appliances like microwave, ovens and stoves. The methods can be different but a good spend on a bottle of vinegar will help you clean a lot of different things in your home more effectively and organically.