Why Shifting to Digital Marketing During COVID-19 Is Crucial for Your Business

Charlotte Miller

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Implementing digital marketing for your business has become essential as consumer behaviour continues to change and technology becomes more advanced. 

Additionally, with the emergence of COVID-19, business owners have faced unprecedented challenges that may continue to challenge businesses throughout the world. This is why, now more than ever, businesses must learn to use digital marketing to their advantage if they want to survive and prosper.

Digital Marketing During the Pandemic 

If you’re still not convinced about shifting to digital marketing this pandemic, consider some points below.

  • 73% of advertisers have stepped back from their campaign launches
  • 52% are expected to ramp up their advertising spending in the summer of 2021 
  • 39% of social media users are spending more time on social media

Additionally, during the pandemic, there’s a likelihood of a 50% increase in social media video production, 57% in blog content, and 66% in social media content creation. 

Why Shifting to Digital Marketing Crucial for Your Business? 

Whether big or small, you should take advantage of digital marketing as soon as possible. It offers  you a ton of opportunities, it also guarantees business growth and success in all aspects, and here’s why: 

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  1. Your Customers and Clients are Online

Remember, your customers and clients are already online. So, what are you waiting for? 

When people look for a business like yours, they usually research online to find your website or a social media presence and see all the details they can discover about you. If they can’t locate you online, these prospects may lose interest and quickly choose another brand or service.  

  1. Your Competition Are Online

You may not realize but most of your competition is already online. However, it’s essential to see your competition more than what they are to you. Start seeing them as people who can give you new insights that may help your business way ahead of them. Pay attention to what they are doing and learn from it. Observe what is working and what isn’t and think about how you can do better. 

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  1. Access More Customers Online

It’s clear how consumers today head online before buying something. They start to search for products and services through search engines and if your business doesn’t show up, you can’t stay in the competition. 

An SEO company for dentists uses search engine optimization to ensure their prospects find them first whenever potential clients search for dental services in search engines. With this, customers can have effortless access to your business and more likely to choose you. 

  1. Targets the Right Audience Wherever They Are 

While digital platforms have no boundaries, this means you can reach customers across the globe depending on how much you want to expand your business. 

More than that, digital marketing allows you to know your target audience more through surveys or comments and understand them better. 

For instance, if someone is looking for a best dentist in Etobicoke or Toronto, through responsive surveys, you would know how clients feel about the struggle of having, say, Invisalign with attachments. From that, you can improve your services based on their suggestions.

This way, you can start building relationships and become trusted partners. 

  1. Costs Less

Some of the internet marketing strategy has targeted analytics and research with which you can track which advertisements work well and which do not. This will help you save enough money and resources. Digital marketing channels are also inexpensive and are even free! 

  1. Increases Engagement Through Mobile Marketing 

Billions of people are using mobile phones to access the internet. Using digital marketing, you have a higher chance of reaching them and promoting your business through their mobile phones. You can also increase engagement to increase your visibility and conversion rates. 

  1. Builds Trusts and Credibility Among Customers 

When people start to search for you online and see how established your business is, it allows them to increase their trust in you and improves your credibility to them. For instance, a teeth whitening in London generates good online reviews visible to online users can make them feel safe and comfortable availing themselves of your dental service. This makes you stand out from the competition while gaining customer trust. 

  1. Better ROI 

The last major benefit of digital marketing is the ROI (return on investment). Compared to other strategies, digital marketing offers a higher ROI. It is more scalable, which means business owners can work on a budget while making a profit. 

Shift to Digital Marketing Today 

Digital marketing is highly adaptable and flexible, you don’t have to wait for a long period of time to make adjustments to your campaigns. It allows you to break into new territory where you can expand your business anywhere else across the globe with social media, advertising, and campaigns. It helps you target the right audience at the right time especially when potential customers are looking for your offers. It’s also measurable and can easily track every step of your campaigns. 

While the pandemic continues to force people to stay at home and use the power of the internet to meet their demands, it’s time for you to step up on the game and shift to digital marketing if you’re keen on bringing business to the next level.