Why Pay-Per-Click Is Great For Your Business!

Charlotte Miller

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The last few decades have seen a sea change in the way we shop and do business thanks to the advent of the internet, widely regarded to be one of the greatest singularity events in modern history- the world changed, and we changed with it! Of course, we still have brick-and-mortar stores where people go to buy things with their own hands, and sometimes even pay with cash, but increasingly our day-to-day commerce is taking place online. If you are a business owner you know it can be daunting trying to navigate the ever-changing world of today’s markets as they become increasingly digitally driven. The good news is, you now have access to very powerful new tools that can increase your sales dramatically at just the click of a button!

Today’s shoppers visit many different websites in search of the goods and services they desire. The way they do this is to click their mouse on a link that then brings them to the digital marketplace of their choice. Imagine how many clicks that comes out to be over a day spent doing something like holiday shopping. What if during their searches they were clicking on links to your business’s website, with each click bringing you more customers and more sales, wouldn’t that be great? The thing is, they can’t click if your link isn’t there, and that’s where PPC services come into play.

The term “PPC” stands for “pay-per-click”, an online marketing model where advertisers run ads on a platform like Google Ads, and pay a small fee every time someone clicks on their link. Run almost any search on Google or other search engines and you will see ads displayed at the top of the results page where you will see listings marked as “sponsored”. These are PPC search ads from Google Ads, Google’s ad platform. A PPC marketing campaign attracts new customers to your website and helps to grow your business by ensuring your brand is visible to specific audiences, with their clicks bringing them to your high-value pages, thus supporting your business goals. The price you pay for having your link present at the top of the search page is a small investment considering the enormous dividends it can provide!

Let’s take a quick look at what makes PPC advertising so valuable:

PPC ads reach target audiences cost-effectively, giving you total control of your budget, targeting, and ad placements. With ongoing PPC campaign optimisation, you will soon discover the sweet spot between budget and results.

PPC ads bring you instant traffic, while organic marketing efforts are focused on getting your content on the first page of Google and climbing the keyword search rankings can take months. PPC advertising slots are already in place at the top of the page so you are generating business right away.

Australia is a great place to do business, and with PPC you can get your product out in front for the world to see.