Why is Turkey surgery cheaper?

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Why is Turkey surgery cheaper?

It is common practice for hair transplant clinics in Turkey to entice prospective patients by providing all-inclusive package deals, comparable to those found on regular vacations. These deals typically include airport transfers and lodging in addition to the hair transplant procedure itself, making it an appealing option for individuals who are interested in reducing their overall expenditures. However, there are a number of factors that contribute to Turkey’s inexpensive prices for hair transplants as this is not solely because of the country’s lower overall cost of living. When clinics attempt to offer more attractive offers, they frequently reduce expenses, even at the expense of patients’ safety and the clinic’s overall quality. Because there is a high demand for hair transplants, clinics compete with one another to obtain the lowest prices possible. As a result of this competition, many clinics hire staff members who do not meet the necessary qualifications in order to keep up with their requirements while also reducing their operating expenses.

Although there are reputable clinics in Turkey with licensed doctors and surgeons such as the Capilclinic which is reputed to be one of the best hair transplant clinic in the whole of Turkey, there are many more that are manned by minimally qualified technicians who have little to no medical background. In Turkey, hair transplants are only allowed to be performed by qualified hair transplant surgeons or doctors; nevertheless, numerous facilities flout this legal requirement. However, at Capilclinic, they only perform one or two surgical procedures per day as this provides them with ample time to spend with their patients and ensure that everything is completed to the greatest possible degree.

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Why are hair transplants so cheap in Turkey?

It is a matter of perspective

When comparing the rates of surgeries, a typical oversight that many people make is that they do not take into account the cost of living in Turkey. Turkey is a more cost-effective option for patients residing in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Europe whose income is denominated in dollars, pounds, or euros. However, for the average individual who lives here, this is not a reasonable price. It’s possible that $2500 is within your budget, but when measured against the national average wage in Turkey, it’s not.

Turkey locally Manufactures Medical Equipment

This idea is one factor that contributes to the reasonably priced medical care and surgical procedures available in Turkey. When it comes to the production of goods and products, Turkey prioritizes doing so domestically over importing them. Turkey sells imported products and goods at a substantially higher premium compared to locally created stuff in order to show the level of support it provides. This, in turn, corresponds to a greater amount of local output and a decreased amount of imports. As a consequence of this, it is not necessary to include the costs of shipping, logistics, or customs in the final price. As a result of this, prices drop, but not because the government is providing financial assistance; rather, this is due to the fact that the overall cost of producing items domestically is lower than the cost of producing goods imported from other countries. As a direct result of this factor, the cost of surgical procedures and other forms of medical treatment in Turkey is far lower than it is in Europe and the United States.

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Purchasing power parity differences and cheap hair transplants

You may be thinking that even though Europe and the United States both domestically manufacture their equipment, the cost of surgical procedures is still prohibitively expensive. Okay, fair enough, but the presence of local manufacturing is merely one of several factors that contribute to the process. In addition, when the changes in purchasing power parity (PPP) are taken into account, the equations become easier to understand. A technique known as the “basket of goods” is used in the PPP method of comparing the currencies of two countries. To put it another way, we may say that the two nations are on an even playing field if the prices of a standard basket of commodities are identical in both of them. As a result of this, the PPP ratio between the United States and Turkey is 1.451. To put it another way, the cost of resources is lower in Turkey, which is one of the reasons why other nations’ production costs are greater than those in Turkey despite the fact that both countries make their products domestically.

Things to look at when choosing the right hair transplant specialist

The Amount of Medical Training and Experience That a Doctor Has: When it comes to receiving a hair transplant, the most important factor appears to be the amount of experience that your doctor has had performing the procedure. This is why Capilclinic stands out among the hair transplant clinics in Turkey as their surgeons are well trained and certified.

The percentage of happy patients who have left the clinic: It is also quite important to be aware about the number of happy patients who have left the clinic.

It would be inaccurate, despite the widespread misunderstandings that exist, to label the economic component as solely the only one that has a role in the success and price of clinics in Turkey. Reputable hair clinics in Turkey such as Capilclinic can compete with any other similar medical center anywhere in the world since they have facilities, specialists, equipment, and technology that are on par with the best in the world.


In a nutshell, the answer to why hair transplants are cheaper in Turkey is a key understanding of how the world works. The low prices have everything to do with the economy and nothing to do with the quality. The rates might be low for you as a medical tourist earning your money in dollars, euros or pounds. However, when the prices are compared to the cost of living in Turkey, from accommodation to food, to entertainment, and bills; the average cost of surgeries in Turkey is out of reach for the majority of the public. Turkey locally manufactures its equipment which cuts the extra budget that goes into shipping, logistics, and customs. Moreover, according to purchasing power parity differences, it costs Turkey less money to manufacture goods than it does say the USA. In short, why are hair transplants so cheap in Turkey? Because you come from abroad. All these economic differences and factors go into the final calculations of the prices.