Why is NAS100 so Popular to Trade in South Africa?

Charlotte Miller

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Do you know the reason why NAS100 is so Popular to Trade in South Africa? If no, then read this comprehensive article thoroughly because, in this article, we have compiled the reasons for the popularity of NAS100 to trade in South Africa.

NAS100 or NASDAQ, or the USA100, is one of the most popular indexes in South Africa. This USA-based index was firstly made for America. Still, now, it has become famous in other countries as well, such as South Arica.

So, let’s have a look at the cause of NAS100 popularity in South Africa for trading:

The Main Reasons for Popularity of NAS 100 in South Africa

In I895, NAS100 and NASDAQ Financial Index were launched in America. And then, by the use of rapid and advanced technology, NAS100 reached so much success in just a few years. Then the dedication and determination of NAS100 won the hearts of people of other countries as well. And one of those countries is South Africa.

So, let’s see why NAS100 got famous in South Africa:

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High Stock Performance

NAS100 is one of the most expensive indexes in South Africa. And this is because its performance in the last few years has been amazing. When an investor or trader wants to trade with an index, he does not bother money and pricing. Because he has money but what he is looking for are reliability and the best performance.

When any trader is looking for the best index for trading, firstly, he will have a look at its stock performance. Because if an index is performing well in stocks, it will be the best for the trading in stocks and foreign exchange trading as well.

When we are looking at the stock performance of any index, we must consider some factors such as:

  • Key Appointments
  • Earnings Reports 
  • New Product Launches

There are some other points as well that can be considered while checking the stock performance of any index, but these three factors are the main factors. And NAS100 is performing so well in all of these areas of the stock exchange. That is why NAS100 is also trusted in foreign exchange in South Africa.

Due to stunning performance in stocks, NAS100 is a bit expensive, but a wise trader is that who never bothers prices and rates. And that is why many traders in South Africa are trading with NAS100.

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Trusty Index

Trust is the gem in any market of this world because any customer will go to that shopkeeper whom he trusts. Building trust is an art, and NAS100 has been an artist of this art for many years. No matter how experienced or inexperienced a trader is, he will always look for that trusty index.

Especially new traders are afraid of getting fooled by frauds because they have no experience, so they could not avoid fraud indexes. That is why this kind of trader always looks for those indexes trusted by other people. When we look at the track record of NAS100, then we will notice that it is one of the most trusted indexes in the world.

So, we can say that South Africans are also trusting NAS100 and trading with them merely like America.

  • Pro Tip: If a company or a business person knows how to build trust within employees and especially clients, then it means that he has solid business knowledge. This kind of businessman never fails.  

Offers Strong Liquidity

The liquidity of any business means that how easily you can convert your refund or security into liquid assets.

Liquid Assets

Liquid assets mean that the amount of money that is in the form of cash or that can be converted easily into cash.

When we talk about mostly indexes, they usually take massive time to convert your refunds and profits into the real cash that you can easily redeem. But in the case of NAS100, your money, your refunds, your funds, and even your profits are converted into cash in next to no time. And this is called strong liquidity.

NAS100 is one of the few indexes that offer strong liquidity. You always have To be mindful or aware that the index that takes so much time in giving you the money can be a fraud. Or the one who postpones the payment can also be fooling you. So beware of those who hesitate in making the payment.

Offers Long Trading Hours

Generally, trading hours for any investor in any country and index are 9:30 am and 4:00 pm. Most indexes follow this timing. But there are a few indexes that offer their investors a longer time. By doing this, investors and index both can earn more profit. But as a trader, you must look at your profit. Because counting others profit will not increase your profit. But you can increase your profit by trading wisely and safely.

The trading hours of NAS100, in general, are from 08:00 am to 06:15 pm. And then, after a break of 15 minutes, trading resumes at 06:30 pm and continues till 06:59 pm. But keep one thing in mind that on Saturday, trading closes at 06:55 pm instead of 6:59 pm. It means you will get another chance to trade after a break if you have not traded that day. This will help you increase your profit amount, but you have to keep one thing in mind: never trade in a hurry. Always think wisely for a proper time and then decide to invest or trade the money. 

So, this is another reason for the popularity of NAS100 in South Africa.


Yes, NAS100 is famous in South Africa as well, and it is getting more and more famous every day. You also know the reason for its popularity.

If you are new to foreign exchange or stock exchange, you can trust NAS100. But we will always advise you to keep your eyes and ears open every time if you want to become a successful trader or investor.