Why is Honor 50 worth Buying in 2022?

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Why is Honor 50 worth Buying in 2022?


As we all know that for a few years, Google Mobile Services were missing from its smartphones, but now Honor is once again back with a bang with its latest launch, honor 50.

A strong average range phone for £379.99, for that price, you get a 108-megapixel camera sensing element, a 120Hz screen display, and a Snapdragon 778 5G chipset, among different fairly amazing specifications. Here are its amazing features and specifications.

Design and Screen:

  • Beautiful design
  • Zero IP rating
  • Very fine screen

The Honor 50 has a comparatively subtle, simply appealing design. The backboard is shiny, and so, at the same time, it looks more superior to a dull finish; simply after utilizing it, you will find out it as well catches fingerprints with more comfort than a persevering detective.

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  • The amazing primary 108-megapixel camera
  • The additional snappers are kind of disappointing

If you are recording in low-light circumstances, you actually require to utilize the Honor 50’s Night mode adjustment for the most beneficial results. There is a grievous lack of detail and snuffed-out lighting, whereas specified issues have been self-addressed relatively well with the dark mode in the mix.


  • Google Mobile Services are  here again
  • A few pre-installed bloatware
  • 5G connectivity
  • Fine performance

The chief reason this smartphone is a big cheese is not down to any of its amazing hardware specifications but rather the return of Google Mobile Services.

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Battery Life:

  • Ample battery life
  • The panels out on 66W super fast-charging

Still, though the Honor 50 phone bundles a hefty 4300mAh battery, it boasts a rigorous screen, and then I had my questions about how it would endure compared to the phones in this field. All the same, I need not have concerned.

One hour of checking Netflix at default brightness level consumed only 3% of the battery (with it carrying just about 40 mins to dip down from 100% over that period of time). For another reference point, the battery came down from 92% to 88% after a single hr of streaming music to my Bluetooth earphones.

A fundamental selling point of the phone has been the 66W super-fast charging, with the maker claiming that it can go up to 70% in 20 mins and a good 100% in 45 mins. Unluckily, our review sample was bunched with a two-prong European charger, and so I could not verify this reality; on a bog basic 3-pin battery charger, it took me one hr to catch from 0 to 60%.

Would you prefer to buy it?

If you are searching for a good all-around average phone with a jump-out display screen, the Honor 50 is a beneficial choice.

Final Thoughts:

The Honor 50 declares the come back of Google Mobile Services to the erstwhile beleaguered brand name; simply that is not all: the display screen is a rejoice, the battery is really authentic, and the primary camera detector is solid as well. It is just really brought down by the more pitiful quality low-level cameras and the deficiency of a few practical touches specified as an IP rating, earphone jack, and SD card slot.