Why is cricket being popular now-a-days?

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Why is cricket being popular now-a-days?


Stressing life and tough personal time have made one feel the necessity of leisure and relaxation in daily routine. With strict deadlines and a load of work, there seems a clock ticking around us all the time. Aggressive seniors over the head and work targets to be achieved make life difficult. During such situations, downloading cricket apps or watching live cricket comes as a saviour to one’s life. The live cricket scores keep you motivated and engaged in the match till the end. In India, cricket has become a passion and a mode of entertainment for everyone. The die-hard fans of the game enjoy both playing and watching the game relaxing and advantageous.

Moreover, IPL has added fantasy to the game. Even the one-day internationals top the list of entertainment and attract everyone towards themselves. Whether one opts to watch the same in the stadiums or the live telecast on television both the modes have their benefits. In addition to this, the live cricket scores on the scoreboard keep you stuck to your seats and waiting for the final ball.

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Reasons for developing interest in the game

  • The interest develops straight from the beginning when the players enter the field, and the loyal fans understand the importance of each ball thrown and every run scored. Cricket is a game of twists and turns. Even the last over can turn the table upside down.
  • The game keeps you engrossed, and the excitement begins from the toss. The unpredictable nature of the game stands appealing and keeps you excited throughout the game. Watching live cricket and the concern about the live scores keeps you attached to the game and helps you to switch over from depression to a happy and excited mood. The updated scores about runs, overs, wickets, targets, sixes, fours etc. all form an important part of the scoreboard. The regular updates enchant such a marvellous spell over the view that he may not like to miss a single ball, batman’s stroke or run. So, to get fully updated the viewers stick to their seats without thinking to leave the match even for a single minute.
  • The game prevents you from isolation as the same can be enjoyed with a group of friends or family who appreciates cricket. Once a habit of investing time in cricket is developed one may never leave the same till the final result is announced. Every ball thrown matters and every run counts to make the game unpredictable. Once you developed the habit or passion to watch the game you may even enjoy the highlights of every game over and over again.
  • Moreover, this teaches you thought of perseverance as it’s all about the climax of the game. That may result in turning matches and the remarkable efforts of players to claim victory gives you the motivation to deal with the hardships till the end and to stick to the goal without giving up. The attitude of not giving up till the last ball instils and prepares you to be mentally strong and deal with the tough times with courage.
  • The game of cricket is a fun sport, and you may feel interested to invite people to watch the same with you especially when your favourite team is playing. The favourite game and the victory of everything is fun to celebrate with the circle of supporters.

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With the analysis of the above-mentioned points, one can agree that live cricket matches, and scores help you to stick to your seats without leaving the match in between.