Why GoGoPDF’s Unlock PDF Tool is the Perfect Solution to Your PDF Struggles

Charlotte Miller

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One of the strong points of implementing a PDF format for your digital files is its ability to encrypt a password. PDFs can protect the privacy and confidentiality of your records, making them difficult to modify. It is also an excellent factor if you require that only a few numbers of people will have access to your files, particularly for records containing sensitive data.

However, the minor setback of this is the capacity of the owner to retrieve passwords. There are instances where the user can’t recall the file’s password because they already possess too many documents. If you encounter this kind of situation, below are some guides that allow you to delete your passwords using the GoGoPDF Unlock PDF function.

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GoGoPDF Can Easily Remove Password for Free

If you haven’t encountered GoGoPDF while browsing the internet before, it is labeled as one of the most functional online conversion tools on the market. One of its best assets is its capacity to provide easy-to-follow steps to unlock PDF for free. If you’re currently struggling to remember a file’s password, a few taps from this web-based tool will make it easy for you.

Furthermore, in addition to removing restrictions on your portable documents, you can also make use of its other functions to comply with all of your PDF struggles. You can perform a conversion process, delete unwanted pages, edit a file, share documents, and so on. The features available on the site are free to access without limitations and restrictions.

A Four-Step Guide in Deleting Password via GoGoPDF

Encountering several encrypted PDF files is no longer a common scenario. As a digital user, you may already find it challenging enough to explore the perfect solution to suit your needs. Fortunately, GoGoPDF has already developed the best solution to ultimately unlock restrictions without the need to install software or purchase costly applications. 

With that in mind, below are the things that you need to take into account when using GoGoPDF’s Unlock PDF:

  1. Before you can even start to unlock a PDF, of course, you will need a working computer or mobile device, a stable data connection, and your digital documents. On your chosen browser, entering the GoGoPDF’s official homepage is a must.
  2. On your file manager, Google Drive, or Dropbox account, select the portable document that requires faster unlocking and drop it to the Unlock PDF box. From there, the website will start eliminating the password, and overall, decrypting your file.
  3. Waiting for the procedure to end will take time, depending on the stability of your internet connection. The entire course will also take one minute or more if you have forwarded a large-sized portable document.
  4. In the last and final step, you will receive an array of choices to choose from, for example, saving the newly unlocked file on your Dropbox or Google Drive account, downloading a file for future reference, or sharing the URL through email.

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GoGoPDF Offers Safe and Secure Utilization of its Features

When using an online tool for the first time, you will have to consider the website’s security and the security of your content being sent to the server. Some platforms will appear “secure” but will take advantage of your files once you access their tools. Being cautious about possible theft is vital as sites don’t have systems to prevent hackers from stealing files.

With GoGoPDF, they assure you that their site system is secure and safe for everyone to use, regardless of your documents’ sensitivity. After sufficient unlocking of a portable file, GoGoPDF will immediately remove your records from the server after an hour. This strategy helps users who are unable to remove their files after processing a document online.

User-Friendly Interface

Nowadays, it’s surprising to experience a PDF website that has a distinctive user-friendly interface. Try using other online conversion tools and compare them to the GoGoPDF interface. You will visibly notice how well-built the GoGoPDF is compared to its competitors. It is also worth noting the range of colors used as a theme and the lively atmosphere it provides to the digital users.


You might think that unlocking restrictions on a particular file might be a challenging task. However, when you find the perfect solution and support for removing passwords, you will gain the efficiency you are eager to achieve. With just a few taps in GoGoPDF’s Unlock PDF feature, you can get a password-free portable file in only a few seconds.