Why Bitcoin Have a Value at All?

Charlotte Miller

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Bitcoin was released in the mainstream marketplace to facilitate transactions without involving any sort of any higher authorities and government bodies or any national banks. Bitcoin was released at a value of zero at the very first glance; yes, you read it right. Satoshi Nakamoto issued 21 million bitcoin units in the year 2009, and every miner received a block reward of 50 bitcoin units alongside the transaction charges. The first block mined by Satoshi Nakamoto ever was named the genesis block; bitcoin recently touched the price of $65000 this year. 

However, the utmost concerning query crypto enthusiasts that why bitcoin does have value at all in the industry as it was just meant as a payment method. Authentic websites like Immediate Edge can help you in getting considerable results. Here is everything you should know about the value of bitcoin, all the more factors that determine the value of bitcoin, let’s have a look.

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Why Does Bitcoin Have a Value?

The core notion of bitcoin is exceedingly inspired by traditional currencies; in the early periods, rather than carrying assets like gold, ornaments, and few other valuable aspects, the concept of currencies was introduced, which embraced the ease of making purchases and transferring payments. The utmost minted currency existing at the instance is fiat currencies or paper-based currencies. 

These currencies represent a value, and the explicit value of these currencies is utilized to buy goods or to make transactions. These currencies are subjected to a centralized feature and are backed up by the government authorities.

However, bitcoin is decentralized and still has a much higher value than these fiat currencies. It is pretty evident that if bitcoin had been subjected to the rules of any government authorities of any region, it would have been subjected to a similar value as of fiat currencies of that explicit region. The fiat currencies are correspondingly subjected to alleged features like scarcity, divisibility, and utility; bitcoin was subjected to all these characters since its invention; let’s check out these characters of bitcoin as a currency.

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Scarcity defines the supplied extent; suppose a fiat currency is subjected with extent of supply defined by the government authorities will definitely incline the value of services and goods of that explicit country.  All the more shorted money supply can lead to the economic crisis in that explicit region. The government authorities of the explicit region put the best foot forward in order to sustain an average supply of fiat currencies neither too short and nor excessive. As the excessive supply of any fiat currencies will lead to inflation. Bitcoin is subjected to an average supply with an exponential decline in bitcoin scarcity.


Fiat currencies store value which is quite evident as in order to sustain effectiveness, the currency must be subjected with a utility. Bitcoin is adopted as a payment method in several regions and industries. All the more are considered as the utmost hot payment method at the stance. You are permitted to buy goods and services just hassle-free. All the more, there are ample benefits of utilizing bitcoin as a payment method in contrast to fiat currencies. Bitcoin is anonymous, transparent, and flexible at the very same time.


Currencies having value are subjected to the transportability feature as well. As mentioned ahead, bitcoin was meant to facilitate the transaction by composing a complex electronic cash system on a peer-to-peer network. The fact might amaze you that transferring bitcoin is a lot more quickly than transferring fiat currencies as bitcoin is not involved with any mediation route and is utterly a free bird, whereas the fiat currencies are equipped with mediation and third parties, which makes the transportability a choppy and lengthy process.

 While transferring cryptocurrency internationally, the transaction fees are just nominal, whereas transferring fiat currencies cost gigantic transaction fees to the users; all the more, it consumes an exceeding extent of time, and bitcoin merely consumes few minutes. In a nutshell, bitcoin meets every single criterion which a currency, either land-based or digital currency, should meet.

These are some of the reasons why bitcoin does have value at all.