Wholesale CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

Charlotte Miller

Demand for high-quality CBD flowers is on the rise. Many online weed shops are selling CBD flowers to cater to this need. However, with the many shops come the issues of quality. Choosing the best shop to buy from can be a challenge for most, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Quality is always a crucial factor when purchasing hemp buds. Organic and well-cured flowers deliver the best range of medicinal and therapeutic effects. In this guide, we share tips to consider when shopping for wholesale CBD flowers.

Insist on Quality

Place of origin, curing process, and flower maturity will all play a role in determining the overall quality of the flowers or buds. First, ensure that the product has undergone third-party lab tests.

The lab tests will indicate the CBD and THC ratios in the flowers. You will also know when the crop was harvested and its terpene profile. This information will help you determine if the strain is suitable for your therapeutic or health needs.

The lab tests will also tell if the flowers meet all the regulations as stipulated in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Take a Sniff Test

If you are a seasoned hemp user, you can easily tell quality flowers through smell. This is a good way of telling if the flowers are good when buying from a physical weed dispensary. Good hemp flowers must have a strong aroma. That is a sign that the flowers are fresh and well-cured.

Also, look at the bag and pay attention to the shape and size of the buds. High-quality wholesale hemp flowers must be thick and medium to big. Thick buds pack the most potency and will deliver the best effects.

Avoid buying jars or bags with too much shake or small buds. Small-sized buds are a sign that the flowers weren’t mature before harvest.

Understand Your Needs

Not all hemp strains are the same. Hemp strains are Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. Each strain has distinct therapeutic effects. Hybrid strains are products of crossing Indica-dominant hemp with Sativa-dominant hemp.

Indica strains tend to be relaxing while Sativa provides uplifting effects. Consider hybrid strains for a balanced experience. Knowing your needs will help you find the best strain for you.

Research and ask for recommendations before purchase if you’re still unsure.

Know Your Supplier

Don’t purchase bulk hemp flowers from any shop or supplier. Buy from reputable brands that have positive reviews in the public. Do your research and find out where your supplier sources their hemp.

While you’re at it, compare prices across different suppliers, ensuring that they reflect quality and fair market value.

Also, consider other factors like the minimum order quantity and shipping fees. Does the supplier offer free and fast shipping for bulk orders? Look for sellers who can offer fast shipping services to prevent your hemp purchase from going bad while in transit.

Summing Up

You can purchase hemp flowers in bulk for sale or personal use. The tips in this guide will help you source the best hemp flower in town. Also, ensure that you follow the state’s laws on the possession and distribution of hemp products.