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Who is likely to benefit from micro discectomy?

by Abdul Shaikh
Who is likely to benefit from microdiscectomy

Spinal surgery once upon a time involved larger incisions, a longer recovery period of time. But surgical procedures like micro discectomy have gone on to improve the process to a considerable extent. In fact it is a type of surgical procedure that is performed on patients with a herniated lumbar. When the procedure is conducted the surgeon might go on to remove the portions of herniated disc so as to relieve pressure when it comes to the spinal nerve column.

Who is going to benefit from this procedure?

As per estimates 84% patients who undertook this procedure did have long term success in treating herniated disc. Sciatica appears to be a skin disorder that emerges due to the compression of the spinal nerve. Such a compression mainly tends to occur due to a lumbar herniated disc.

Once the hernia develops and the tissue that is damaged extends on to the spinal column it touches upon the nerves. It might cause the nerves to dish out pain signals on to the brain. Such a pain tends to emerge from the legs. With most cases of sciatica it is going to heal naturally and it could be without surgery for a few weeks. If you feel that the pain is going to extend for more than 12 weeks, then you could benefit from micro discectomy. But take note of the fact it is not that effective to provide relief from back pain.

Recovery time

The recovery time tends to be shorter than most invasive procedures. Most people tend to leave the hospital within the day or 24 hours at the most. A meeting with an occupational therapist and a physical therapist would be necessary before you are leaving the hospital. They are going to provide you with instructions on how to reduce the swelling, or twisting when it comes to the back. Micro discectomy cost is one of the points of consideration before you opt for this treatment.

A therapist might guide you on the type of exercises you need to undertake so as to be improving the strength along with the flexibility around the muscles. You should not lift heavy weights or do not bend immediately after the surgery. Though you might not be in an immediate position to resume the normal activities, the lifestyle is an area that would not be having much of an impact.

For the first couple of weeks you might have to reduce the workload or when you recover be absent from work.. After the surgery you should stop lifting heavy objects a couple of weeks. It means that you should not be lifting anything more than 5 pounds. You could slowly progress and then return back to your normal activity. The full time of a recovery would be around 6 weeks.

To conclude it is a form of surgery where you require the services of a surgeon who has received specialized training. it is going to be a lot expensive than the other back surgeries.

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