Which are the 5 Best NFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell on ETH and Solana?

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NFT has become very popular around the world and with this, we bring you the best NFT marketplace today. So that you can buy or sell bitcoin or other cryptocurrency digital currencies in some easy way. NFT, which is developed for all those people who want to own digital currencies, is one of the best ways. We can see that it has been established in a new market for buying and selling digital currency. Know more about bitcoin trading by checking if cryptocurrency will rule the world economy in the near future.

If you are also a new trader or investor in the NFT space, then you must read our guide on NFT Beginners. If you are a partner now, it is important to understand what NFT is and what it has to offer. Today we bring you some NFT marketplaces to buy or sell digital assets, So, let’s dive into it and go through some great options.

5 Best NFT Marketplace


SuperRare is a digital art gallery and is the only edition that deals with digital artworks. Each piece of artwork that is authentically created by an artist through the network is also tokenized as a crypto-collectible item that can be traded and owned. The Basis Super Rare Collection is social, as it maintains a transparent record of digital collectibles, thus making it appropriate for the social environment. It is easy to do the price and other estimations of commodities in the market. 

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Rarible (RARI)

Rarible is an NFT marketplace which is a community-owned NFT marketplace. 

Here you can make and sell digital collectibles as well. This project was funded in the year 2020 by Alexei Falin and Alex Salnikov who are based in Moscow. Users can easily access the market for creating as well as displaying artwork very easily. If the user wishes, the displayed artefacts can be collected by purchasing them with Ethereum tokens. It is a non-custodial marketplace, which is why it allows you to keep the tokens in your possession. A platform that provides intellectual property rights to users through Proof of Provenance. The average 24 hours volume done with the NFT Marketplace is around USD 1.5 million. The gas fee charged by the seller for coin minting and the fee charged by the rabbit is 2.5% from the seller and the buyer. 

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Mintable is a decentralized non-custodial NFT marketplace platform. Founded in the year 2018 by Jack Burks, is an NFT marketplace. This platform is backed by crypto enthusiasts and venture capitalist Mark Cuban. Mintable is one of the platforms that allow for gasless mining. Mintable includes an irreversible X solve the solution, allowing to mint NFTs without any gas charges. 


NFT is a platform for collectors and foundation artists to catalogue, bid and offer to buy, sell or auction digital art displayed on Ethereum-based tokens. Foundation is a smart contract-based platform as well as a non-custodial platform that does not provide access to your private keys. Gas charges and transaction fees are charged to sellers associated with the Foundation platform, of which up to 15% are charged from sellers. No platform allows you to transact with fiat money, so it is necessary to link the crypto wallet before transacting.

Nifty Gateway

If you are looking to buy or sell NFTs and want to pay through debit or credit cards, then Nifty Gateway would be a better option for you. Nifty Gateway is a blockchain-based popular platform to access the most sought-after collectables and fine arts. Each collection has a particular time that opens at the same time and is only visible for a short period of time.

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