Where to Find the Best Weather in Canada

Charlotte Miller

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Canada may be best known for its strong winters and rough snowy days, but it’s more than just that weather!  This is the second-largest country in the world, and because of that, the climate varies wildly from province to province and day to day.

Regardless of what type of weather you love, you can find it in Canada.  These are the top places to find popular weather in the country, and why people love it so much.

For Easy Warm Winters

If you want warmer winters, and the idea of snow and slush makes you unhappy: you can still find a great winter in Canada.  Victoria, British Columbia, barely dips below freezing in the winter and is a warm and comfortable climate.  A lot of this heat comes from the Pacific air pushing inwards, which allows the city to stay in a comfortable temperature bubble for most of the year.

This is an awesome place to move if you love cliche beach town vibes, including a huge art scene, fun youthful bars, and countless ways to get to enjoy the warmer climate.  This is also a great area because it’s just a three-hour ferry ride away from Seattle, meaning you can slip away to an even more artsy place if you want to!

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For Fun In The Summer

When all of the snow has melted away in the summer, many are quick to head for the coasts, but why not enjoy Toronto?  Not only does Toronto come alive with countless art exhibitions and shows in the summer, but it also has gorgeous islands with beautiful white sand that look even better in the summer. These islands offer a chance to sit back and lounge, away from the stress of daily life.

The city itself has a huge art and music scene that comes to life in the summer, so take part and feel forever young, getting to sing along at concerts and shows.

For Winter Sports and Entertainment

If the ice and snow don’t scare you away: why not take a trip to Whistler?  You can sneak out into the mountains in a wonderful winter paradise.  Just a couple of hours outside of Vancouver, Whistler is an awesome snowboarding and skiing resort that allows you to hit the slopes and burn off the energy that comes from being trapped inside in the colder weather.

Whistler also has tons of fun things besides skating and snowboarding, offering hot springs where you can dip into some warm and comfortable water and feel your stress melt away.

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For Gorgeous Fall Weather

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Canada.  This is when the leaves crisp up, the weather shifts, and people let themselves have fun in ways they wouldn’t usually.  Consider stepping away from Halton real estate for a while, and enjoy traveling down to Niagara Falls, which is gorgeous as the seasons shift.

This drive between the two cities is breathtaking and will have you feeling like you’re driving through an autumn wonderland.  This is a must-drive for any travelers who love road trips.