Where to Experience Live Country Music in Houston, TX

A staple of southern living is live country music shows. Everyone and anyone can get behind a fun night of great music, singing, dancing, and maybe even some good old-fashioned southern beer, as well.

If you’re a country music fan and are in the market for some of the houses for rent in Houston, TX, make sure to add these five places to your list to experience some live country music down in the city.

1.) White Oak Music Hall

First up on our list is the impressive and grand White Oak Music Hall. With a lawn stage, two indoor areas and concerts happening all the time, this music hall is definitely worth seeing.

They feature local bands as well as big name country music stars as well. They also have comedians performing, so you can take your pick of the entertainment offered here!

2.) Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge 

If the name itself didn’t give it away, this spot is the place to be if you’re looking for lots of fun, entertainment and maybe even the best night out of your life. 

Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge is recognized all over Texas for being one of the best places to hear some great country music. Between the fair prices and electric atmosphere, Big Top is definitely the place to be

3.) Toyota Center

Next up on our list is a venue which hosts a variety of famous country music stars, the Toyota Center. Located in the heart of downtown Houston, this indoor sports arena is home to the National Basketball Association’s Houston Rockets, but transforms into a big concert hall when someone famous is in town. 

It’s surrounded by plenty of bars and restaurants so after the concert people can head over to get drinks and some good food.

4.) Dirt Bar

If you need a fun yet relaxing spot to go to for a night of good drinks and live country music, head over to The Dirt Bar. This downtown spot is perfect for anyone looking to unwind and enjoy some music performed by a variety of country bands.

The Dirt Bar has plenty to offer in terms of drinks and will definitely not disappoint!

5.) Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

The last bar on our list is located in downtown Houston and has as much energy as the name would suggest. Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar will keep you entertained with live country piano players that make you feel like you’re a part of the show.

Their drinks and food will have you satisfied and full while you enjoy the live performances.

At each one of these places you can find live country music, good drinks, and a fun, exciting atmosphere. Check them all out if you find yourself in the Houston area!


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