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Having a swimming pool well installed in your house’s backyard is not a prospect just for the ultra-rich anymore. More and more people are finding that the addition of a pool is a desirable addition as well as a manageable expenditure. It does not matter whether your pool came with the house when you first bought it, or you made the decision to have it installed at some point during your residency. There are a few matters you must keep in mind once you become a pool owner.

As you step out into your yard to begin serious and deep contemplation and weighing the pros and cons of the installation of a new pool, you must remember:


It takes money to have a pool installed; that is nothing new. Construction costs depend on the size and depth of the pool. Moreover, the overall design will determine whether you observe an extra cost or not. What embellishments are you adding to the pool? Do you plan to include water features, a Jacuzzi tub at one end? Will you be making use of custom made tiles, or the more generic versions, or, simpler yet, the vinyl covering. All these questions and many more will play into the amount of money you spend to get your new pool.

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The first consideration with regard to pool maintenance is cost. Spending money on your pool does not end once the construction company has wished you well and driven away. There are costs associated with pool maintenance. One major one has to do with the weather. If there are significant temperature fluctuations in your area of living, you may find that you are forced to winterise or shut down your pool completely in the winter months. Getting it back up and running again in the summer will incur a cost associated with the fees paid for general cleaning of the surface and the bottom, as well as regular testing to maintain optimum conditions.

Running a pool also has a large impact on your utilities. With all the requirements for pumps, filters, and other equipment, you may find that keeping your pool in good condition adds a significant amount to what you are already spending on your electricity bill. It would help if you prepared for this so that it is not such a shock later.


The installation of your pool will come with new consideration for yourself and your family, namely safety. No matter how confident you are of your children’s swimming skills or ability to listen to and heed warnings, you must certify their safety in and around the pool. Have a fence around it to protect them from falling into it as they play in the yard. You will also need a good pool cover for those times when it is not in use. This also prevents accidents.

While these are only some of the considerations that you must keep in mind about owning a pool, there are many more that may influence your decision as you think about what awaits you once you install a swimming pool. Take them to heart and use them as guides to tell you whether having a pool is the right thing for you and your family. 

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