What to consider when buying an airtrack mat?

As you can see, there are several types of Airtrack mats. If youve never heard of the Airtrack mat, its an inflatable mat that combines the benefits of a landing, a large trampoline, a jumping castle, a gym, and a mini-trampoline.

Airtrack mats can be soft and flexible or, conversely, rigid and flexible depending on the thickness and barometric pressure change. Matt has many advantages, one of which is that it is sealed and completely cool. I have gathered a lot of information to give you the best Airtrack mat. We hope this will speed up your purchase from Kameymall!

Everything is made of high-quality PVC, which provides a safe and comfortable jump. However, the height can vary from one to eight meters. Width from one meter to two meters. Therefore, it is recommended to pre-measure the available space to make sure that the mat you are looking at is suitable for you.

We apologize if you have ordered a mat that does not fit where you want it to be! The length of the air route is about 10-30 cm. The length of the airtrack mat affects the jump. In other words, the higher the carpet, the higher the jump.

The mat material is plastic, PVC, and tarpaulin. The tarpaulins are waterproof and are also used on air track mat. You can choose from several fun colors, including blue, green, purple, navy blue, pink, and light pink. You can also choose multi-colored mats, such as pink with gray borders. Another option is to roll several mats into one tall mat. You do this by contact.

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Sports mat for Air Track

Airtrack mats can complement any sport. Consider some gymnastics, freestyle running, and martial arts. The board allows users to take their skills to the next level. The soft material protrudes backward and protects the joints. The mat can be used in the gym, in the garden, or even in your home. A session with a physiotherapist can also be very helpful.

Airtrack mat for kids

Airtrack mats are typically designed for different types of athletes. However, it has become a popular game for children. Of course, if a child sees an Airtrack mat, they want to use it immediately. Kids love to jump and be active! But even if they fall, they should not be harmed. So this mat is very good. Children enjoy using energy safely.

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What are the advantages of an airtrack mat?

Carpets have many advantages, one of which is that they are airtight and completely quiet. Airtrack mats can be soft and flexible or firm and flexible, depending on changes in air thickness and pressure. Airtrack mats can complement any sport. Think about gymnastics, freestyle running, and martial arts. Carpets allow users to take their skills to the next level. The pillow material jumps to protect the joints. The mat can be used in the gym, garden, or at home. It can also be very helpful during a session with a physical therapist.

How many Airtrack mats do I need?

Choose a mat 20 to 30 cm thick for a quick start, long jump, soft kick, and low kick.

Can I use the Airtrack mat remotely?

Yes, you can install an Airtrack mat on the grass, concrete, sand, and even water. They work on almost every surface that has enough space for carpets. If you do not have electricity outside, use a foot pump to level the Airtrack mat.

Can you wear shoes on the Airtrack mat?

Do not wear shoes on the Airtrack mat as it may damage your face. If you want a better grip, use non-slip socks.

How to store an air track mat?

I recommend that you store the Kameymall Airtrack mat carefully after use and unfold it to its full width for a great look. Recommended only if you wear a tight bed. If you decide to leave your Airtrack mat on the street at night, it is important to release enough air pressure to prevent overpressure and save heat when the sun rises.

How can I make my Airtrack mat stronger?

The Airtrack mat provides stability and gives your jump more wind and strength. You can change the power of the washing machine by changing the pressure. At maximum pressure, the Airtrack mat can harden and the pressure drop can become softer and smoother.


Airtrack mats are not just for high-level gymnasts and athletes. Kids also love to play and jump on the Airtrack carpet without getting hurt. You can use the Airtrack mat as a unique slide in the pool! 

The bearings are almost weightless and usually have a load-bearing body, so they are easy to carry anywhere. Also for camping holidays! We hope this article gives you a better understanding of Airtrack mats and the most suitable mat for you.

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