What questions should you ask before hiring a crane?

Charlotte Miller

What questions should you ask before hiring a crane

So, you’re thinking about hiring a crane for your next project? 

Cranes are a staple in the construction industry – used to lift and transport materials from one location to another.

From city and heavy-duty cranes to mobile  towers, self-erecting and telescopic cranes, there are endless possibilities to choose from. But knowing which is best for your project can be difficult – especially if you’ve never hired a crane before.

Most crane hire companies will be able to advise you on the best crane for the job. However, asking yourself the following questions will also help you to make an informed decision.

What do I need a crane for?

Your reasons for needing to hire a crane will help to determine the right solution.

For example, if you need to lift materials or objects in the city centre or built-up areas, a city crane will be ideal. This is because the same cab is used to operate and transport the crane, meaning it won’t take up too much space on site.

Alternatively, if you’re constructing high-rise buildings in an area with restricted access, a mobile tower crane is preferable. These models combine the best features of conventional tower cranes and telescopic cranes, allowing you to move goods safely and efficiently either on one site or between different sites.

The more details you can provide about your lifting project, the easier it will be for the firm to establish which of their cranes best suits your needs.

How big and heavy are the goods you need to move?

Although it’s helpful to know what sort of materials the crane will be lifting, you also need to consider the volume of goods – plus their size and weight. 

This is because cranes have different lifting capabilities and features which make them perfect for different projects.

Taking the time to think about the load in question will enable you to hire a crane with a suitable lifting capacity, ensuring it can handle the load safely.

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Do I need any additional lifting equipment?

Sometimes, extras such as jacks and hoists are required to ensure maximum stability and support for the goods being moved or lifted with a crane. 

If you require any additional apparatus to enhance the safety of your lift, it’s always a good idea to discuss your needs with the crane company and find out whether they can help. 

In some cases, you may be charged more for any handling equipment supplied by the crane provider, but you can trust that your load will be in safe hands.

Do I need a crane operator?

Unless you’ve hired cranes countless times in the past and you have a qualified team to carry out the lift, we’d always recommend choosing a company that provides a competent operator with all of their cranes, like Bryn Thomas Cranes

Arranging a Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA) contract lift will not only ensure you receive a suitable crane and operator, but every aspect of the lifting operation will be taken care of on your behalf. 

This way, you can relax knowing that the machinery will be handled correctly and safely – reducing the risk of accidents and injuries on site.

When do I need the crane?

One of the most important factors to consider when arranging crane hire is when you need the crane.

The time it takes to set up a crane can vary between a few hours and several days, depending on the model. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan ahead and allow plenty of time for your chosen crane to be transported and erected, ready to use.

It’s also worth thinking about the work involved and how long it will take to complete.

For instance, if you’re undertaking a large-scale project, you may need to hire the machinery for a couple of weeks or months. Opting for a company that offers flexible or extended hire periods is a sensible decision to make, allowing you to benefit from equipment for as long as you need.

How much can I afford to spend?

Much like anything else, setting yourself a realistic budget for crane hire will prevent you from overspending.

Once you’ve calculated how much you can spend, the next step is to request a quote from several crane hire companies in your area. Asking them for a clear breakdown of their costs will allow you to make comparisons between their services and determine who can offer the best value for money.

And that’s it. 

When it comes to hiring a crane, always make sure you use a reputable company and ask friends and family for recommendations. 

If you think you’ve found a company you’d like to work with for your project, don’t forget to read their online reviews and client testimonials. Find out more about what other people have to say about their fleet, crane hire, and customer service.