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What is the Full Form of APK! A Brief Description of Apk

by Aishwarya
What is the Full Form of APK! A Brief Description of Apk

As we know from the concept of what an App is, an App is an app that you can install on your Android phone and has full functionality. 

In the context of Android, an App is actually a file that has this functionality. Most people associate the term Apk with this APK file format, which is a single file you will find on your device, and it will store all the App’s features and logic.

Apk is actually a file format, and the file you will find on your device is called apk, and the file you will find on your computer is called APK. 

APK files can come in both .apk and .zip format, the .apk format is the official format of Android. What is the difference between the APK files? Basically, the APK files are a little more robust than the .zip files, they are in an easier and more manageable format, so your computer or mobile device will be able to get and read the .apk file easily. 

The difference between the APK files and .zip is mainly in the way that they are split up into different sections. .zip files are grouped into zip archives, .apk files are actually the same exact format as a .zip archive, the difference between .apk and .zip is that .zip files are grouped into different .zip archives, while the apk file is the same exact file structure and the same exact format, but is also in the APK format.

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Now that we know the difference between apk and .zip files, let’s talk about the topic that is paramount to the functioning of your android device, this topic being the APK. 

What is the APK? 

What is an App? What is the full form of APK? APK, in fact, is an acronym that stands for Android Application Package. What is an APK file, and why is it so important? Let’s talk about what an APK file actually is.

A typical Apk file will be a single .apk file, and will have the following sections:

Other Files are actually pre-built and static metadata that is used in the text file, the manifest. The manifest file is also a .apk file. 

This particular section is only relevant to your device and will be loaded at runtime with an additional .so file which is responsible for the runtime side of things. 

For the .apk file, a .so file is required. When an app is installed on your device, it must be installed into the appropriate directory under /data/ or /system, it cannot be installed into a /data/app directory.

In my case, as I said, I am currently using Jellybean, and the directory structure for Jellybean is as follows: /data/app/com.example.sms.app/data/com.example.sms/data/com.example.sms/data/com.example.sms/com.example.sms.apk.

As you can see, Jellybean is compiled with .so files, but if you try to use it on a non-Jellybean device, you will run into issues, since .so files are not loaded on a non-Jellybean system. 

If your apk file does not contain this .so file, you can assume that your apk file was not compiled with .so files. 

The .apk file is for your device, and this is what is used to run the app. It is actually a run time library, and these are the files that are typically found in the .so file. 

One of the things we will be going over is the android package manager, we will be going over the APK management tools that can be found under the Google Playstore. 

These tools can help you manage your apps, if you wish to download multiple APK files, you can also download multiple APK files at one time. 

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