What Is The BritCoin Digital Pound?

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What is the BritCoin Digital Pound?

Technology is all about innovation and the arrival of new things. Be it in the form of updates or completely new things both are part of a digital revolution and help technology adapt and grow according to the needs of users. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are part of the digital revolution and many new cryptocurrencies are invented in the previous decade. Speaking of bitcoin, there are ways to reduce the risk of your bitcoin investment that you may find online. A decade earlier only a few cryptocurrencies were there in the market and among them, only one cryptocurrency was popular which is bitcoin. 

But now, as people have come to know about several different cryptocurrencies and personally people are developing an interest in the digital market, the development of new cryptocurrencies is on cards. Britcoin is another such development in the crypto world. It is a result of the keen interest of the government in crypto-based technology. As the governments of several countries are aware of the benefits of developing and investing in bitcoin, this generation, and development of cryptocurrency is a valid point of discussion. In this article, we are going to study this cryptocurrency that is known by the name Britcoin. 


It sounds more like bitcoin but does not fall into the misnomer. It is Britcoin and is completely different from bitcoin. The government of England brought this cryptocurrency into existence and is thus a government-backed crypto asset. In April this year, the famous bank of England that is BoE came into talks with the treasury of the UK and set up some facilities the job of which was to analyze the possibilities of launching and using a government-backed crypto coin which ultimately will be considered as a stablecoin. The committee that was formed to look into the matter came forward with the recommendation of nodding yes to the introduction of cryptocurrency. The name was suggested as Britcoin and was launched. 

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Government-Backed Stablecoin

The ultimate target of considering Britcoin was to legalize it as a stablecoin. The working of a stablecoin is similar to that of traditional cryptocurrencies. The value of stablecoin is less volatile as compared to a normal cryptocurrency and as a result, the name stablecoin is given to this type of currency. Not only in the UK, but in many other countries, the economic authorities are trying their best to regularize the crypto chain by launching their cryptocurrency backed by the government of the country.

Benefits Of Britcoin Cryptocurrency

  • The foremost benefit of britcoin is an alternate way of payment apart from using hard cash. People found crypto payments easy and secure so are using these as an alternative.
  • The method of payment is fast undoubtedly and the charges of payment are also nominal thus is cheaper.
  • The price stability is another benefit of using britcoin. 
  • In the traditional method of cashless payment, one needs to have a bank account. But, this is not true in the case of britcoin. There is no use of a bank account in paying through britcoin.

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Disadvantages Of Using Britcoin And Other CBDCs

  • As the currencies are launched by a country, so are legal in that country only. There is no option of free trade to date in this concern.
  • The centralized nature of CBDCs allows economic authorities to keep an eye on and check on your transactions.
  • Power rests again with the central bank of the country. The sole purpose of launching cryptocurrency was to end the monopoly of the central bank, but here the sole purpose seems to cease.
  • The competition between stablecoins and other governmental currencies will remain in the market and as a result, there are lesser chances of people using this currency in place of other traditional banking methods.