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What is SaaS Marketing and How To Do It?

by Aishwarya
What is SaaS Marketing and How To Do It

Software as a service or SaaS is a method of selling goods through cloud applications that receive regular updates and new features.

If ordinary businesses sell physical goods or make one-time sales and services, SaaS companies sell a nonmaterial product and must continually prove to their users that their subscription service is worth a monthly fee.

The first SaaS company was founded in the 1990s and sold floppy disks. When the going gets tough, they switched gears and started selling apps online (and eventually sold for billions).

SaaS Marketing strategies:

SaaS (and company) marketing is almost synonymous these days with what it means to be a startup. Before you start developing a detailed marketing strategy for your SaaS business, you must first determine what you will count on.

A clear understanding of your performance metrics will help you determine the effectiveness of any campaigns you run and will make it easier to identify and implement the required changes.

The metrics you track will depend entirely on your company’s priorities, but no matter what you want to focus on, there are three main factors you should definitely track:


-Email Subscribers


We all know that shoppers go through a buying period that usually breaks down into three phases: awareness, consideration, and purchase.


Website traffic is an important metric in many marketing campaigns and a primary indicator of campaign progress. Many of your key tactics, such as content marketing and social media activities, will help you achieve this goal.

Why is web traffic such an important metric in a SaaS marketing strategy?

Website traffic tracking is a clear indication of the number of consumers connecting to your brand during the “discovery” phase of the purchase cycle, and whether the content you download is of interest.

Every month, more potential customers can discover your brand through new unique website users.

Email Subscribers:

The use of Email marketing is a great move to communicate with potential customers and keep them updated. Email marketing also has a high ROI rate too.

Why is email subscription an important metric for B2B SaaS marketing?

Prospects who subscribe to your mailing list are primarily interested in learning more about what you have to offer. It simply means that what you have already given them was valuable and they yearn for more. Besides creating great content in your emails, use also catchy visuals with the help of random shape generators


For many, qualified leads are a “classic metric” that any business should track. After all, isn’t that the whole point?

Why are qualified leads an important metric in B2B SaaS marketing?

It goes without saying that for your sales funnel to fill, you need a steady stream of qualified leads. Your sales reps will not be able to bring in more customers without proper qualified leads. More importantly, you can track where these leads are coming from to see how successful your website conversions, form filling, and social media strategies are.

Qualified leads are those who have reached the “buy” stage of the buying cycle and are ideal candidates for a free trial or demo projects. To simplify the buying process, be able to receive payment in all ways that your customers want. If your customer feels comfortable paying with ethereum, you should put a function to receive payment with cryptocurrencies.

Best SaaS Marketing Strategies:

Now that you’ve established your metrics and measurements, it’s time to develop some known marketing strategies. 

  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Advertising mailing
  • Remarketing


A results-driven SaaS marketing strategy will help you achieve your business goals. Based on your audience, platform and goals, SaaS Marketing strategy can be changed. Also, make a note that the SaaS marketer’s job doesn’t end with customer acquisition. You should focus on customer retention so you can grow your business through referrals and target new user groups.

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