What Is ITR-V?

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Are you curious to know what is ITR-V? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about ITR-V in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is ITR-V?

In the complex landscape of income tax filing, ITR-V stands as a critical document that often leaves taxpayers with questions. This article aims to provide a detailed and comprehensive exploration of ITR-V, covering its definition, format, full form, and the crucial role it plays in the income tax filing process.

What Is ITR-V?

ITR-V, or Income Tax Return Verification, is a document generated as a result of successfully filing an income tax return online. It serves as a proof that the taxpayer has filed their returns with the Income Tax Department.

What Is ITR-V Format?

The ITR-V format is a standardized layout that includes essential information such as the taxpayer’s name, PAN (Permanent Account Number), assessment year, and a unique acknowledgment number. The format ensures consistency in the documentation of income tax returns.

What Is ITR-V Certificate?

The ITR-V certificate is essentially the acknowledgment of the filed income tax return. It includes a barcode and requires the taxpayer’s signature for validation. The certificate is generated upon successful e-filing of the income tax return.

How To Get ITR-V?

After filing an income tax return online, the ITR-V can be obtained by following these steps:

  • Visit the official Income Tax e-Filing website.
  • Log in to the e-Filing portal using your credentials.
  • Navigate to the “View Returns/Forms” section.
  • Select the appropriate assessment year.
  • Click on the acknowledgment number to download the ITR-V.

ITR-V Full Form:

The full form of ITR-V is “Income Tax Return Verification.” It emphasizes the document’s role in verifying that the taxpayer has filed their income tax return.

ITR-V For Whom?

ITR-V is applicable to all taxpayers who file their income tax returns online. It is particularly relevant for those who choose to e-verify their returns using methods such as Aadhaar-based OTP (One-Time Password) verification.

Itr Login:

Accessing the Income Tax e-Filing portal to view and download the ITR-V requires the taxpayer to log in using their PAN and password. The ITR login process ensures secure access to the taxpayer’s income tax-related information.

Itr Download:

After logging in to the e-Filing portal, taxpayers can download their ITR-V by navigating to the “View Returns/Forms” section and selecting the relevant assessment year. The downloaded ITR-V can then be printed and signed for further processing.


ITR-V plays a pivotal role in the income tax filing process, serving as proof that a taxpayer has successfully filed their returns. Understanding its format, full form, and the steps to obtain it is crucial for individuals navigating the intricacies of income tax compliance.


What Is The Difference Between Itr And Itr V?

The Income Tax Department verifies the authenticity of an online ITR filing using the ITR verification form. ITR-V or ITR verification is a one-page acknowledgment/receipt of the income tax return filed by the taxpayer. It needs to be signed and sent to the Income Tax Office in Bengaluru.

Who Is Eligible For Itr V?

What is ITR 5? This ITR is meant for Association of Persons (AOPs), LLPs, firms, Body of Individuals (BOIs), Estate of deceased, Artificial Juridical Person (AJP), Business Trust, Estate of Insolvent, and Investment Fund.

Is Sending Itr V Mandatory?

Remember you have to compulsorily mail your ITR-V in a sealed A-4 envelope to the address mentioned above. Remember, if you miss submitting your ITR-V within 120 days, your e-filing will be considered invalid. It will be considered that you have not yet filed your return.

What Is The Purpose Of Itr 5?

What is the ITR 5 Form? The ITR-5 form from the Income Tax Department is designed for filing income tax returns by entities such as firms, LLPs, Association of persons (AOPs), Body of Individuals (BOIs), Artificial Juridical Person (AJP), Estate of deceased, Estate of insolvent, Business trust, and investment fund.

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