What Is I3s Technology?

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What Is I3s Technology

Are you curious to know what is i3s technology? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about i3s technology in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is i3s technology?

What Is I3s Technology?

In today’s rapidly evolving world, sustainable and energy-efficient solutions are becoming increasingly vital. The automotive industry is no exception, with a growing focus on developing technologies that minimize fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions. One such innovation is i3s technology, which aims to optimize the performance of vehicles while improving fuel efficiency. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of i3s technology, its features, benefits, and its contribution to greener transportation.

Understanding I3s Technology:

i3s stands for Idle Start-Stop System, which is an automotive technology designed to automatically shut down and restart the engine of a vehicle during idle periods, such as when stopped at traffic signals or in heavy traffic. The primary purpose of i3s technology is to conserve fuel by minimizing engine idling time and reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Key Features And Functionality:

i3s technology incorporates various features to optimize the operation of the vehicle’s engine:

  1. Engine Shutdown: When the vehicle comes to a complete stop, such as at a traffic signal, the i3s system automatically shuts down the engine to conserve fuel. This prevents unnecessary fuel consumption during idle periods.
  2. Instant Restart: As soon as the driver releases the brake pedal or engages the clutch (in manual transmission vehicles), the i3s system instantly restarts the engine, allowing for seamless acceleration and resumption of the vehicle’s movement.
  3. Intelligent Sensors: i3s technology utilizes intelligent sensors to monitor various parameters, such as brake pedal input, clutch position (in manual transmission), battery voltage, engine temperature, and vehicle speed. These sensors ensure that the system operates smoothly and restarts the engine when required.
  4. Battery Management: To support the frequent engine start-stop cycles, i3s technology incorporates advanced battery management systems. These systems ensure that the battery remains adequately charged and can handle the increased demands of engine restarts.

Benefits Of I3s Technology:

The integration of i3s technology in vehicles offers several advantages:

  1. Fuel Efficiency: By reducing engine idling time, i3s technology significantly improves fuel efficiency. This is particularly beneficial in urban driving conditions with frequent stops and starts, where a significant amount of fuel is typically consumed during idling.
  2. Reduced Emissions: The reduced fuel consumption achieved through i3s technology translates into lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. By minimizing unnecessary engine idling, vehicles equipped with i3s technology contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly transportation system.
  3. Cost Savings: Improved fuel efficiency directly translates to cost savings for vehicle owners. With i3s technology, drivers can experience reduced fuel consumption and potentially lower fuel expenses over time.
  4. Enhanced Driving Experience: The seamless engine restarts provided by i3s technology result in a smooth and uninterrupted driving experience. Drivers will appreciate the immediate response and quick acceleration when resuming their journey.


i3s technology represents a significant advancement in the pursuit of energy-efficient transportation. By automatically shutting down and restarting the engine during idle periods, i3s technology improves fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and offers cost savings for vehicle owners. As the automotive industry continues to prioritize sustainability, the integration of i3s technology in vehicles paves the way for greener and more eco-friendly transportation systems. With ongoing advancements and increasing adoption of such technologies, we can look forward to a future where energy-efficient vehicles play a pivotal role in reducing our carbon footprint and creating a sustainable environment for generations to come.


How Does The I3s System Work?

The i3s is the patented technology of Hero Moto Corp and it stands for Idle Start Stop System. The system simply switches the engine off when not in need i.e. while stopping for a shorter time period like on red lights. The system switches the engine back on by simply pressing the clutch lever.

What Is I3s Technology Off And On?

The Idle Stop-Start System turns off the engine after waiting for about 5 seconds, e.g., at a traffic signal. The system then restarts the engine automatically as soon as you press the clutch.

What Is The Introduction Of I3s?

The system turns off the internal combustion engine when the vehicle stops at a stop light or during stop-and-go traffic where the vehicle would normally idle for a minimum of three to five seconds. The engine is then automatically restarted when the driver is ready to proceed.

What Is The Range Of I3s?

The battery of the BMW i3s 120 Ah has a total capacity of 42.2 kWh. The usable capacity is 37.9 kWh. A range of about 140 miles is achievable on a fully charged battery. The actual range will however depend on several factors including climate, terrain, use of climate control systems, and driving style.


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