What Is File Number In Passport?

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Are you curious to know what is file number in passport? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about file number in passport in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is file number in passport?

In the realm of international travel, a passport is the key to exploration. Aspiring globetrotters often encounter terms like “File Number” during the passport application process. This article aims to demystify the concept, exploring the role and significance of the File Number in the context of passport issuance and tracking.

What Is File Number In Passport?

The File Number in a passport is a unique identifier assigned to an individual’s passport application. It plays a crucial role in the application process and serves as a reference point for tracking the progress of the application.

What Is File Number In Passport Tracking:

The File Number becomes instrumental in tracking the status of a passport application. Through online platforms like Passport Seva, applicants can use their File Number to monitor the various stages of their application, from submission to dispatch.

What Is File Number In Indian Passport:

For Indian passport applicants, the File Number is an integral part of the application. It is assigned when the application is submitted and acts as a key identifier throughout the processing stages.

Indian Passport File Number 0 Or O:

A common query arises regarding the inclusion of the number “0” or the letter “O” in the File Number. It’s essential to note that the File Number comprises alphanumeric characters, and the distinction between “0” and “O” is crucial for accurate entry during tracking.

Passport Number Check Online:

While the Passport Number is different from the File Number, online platforms provide tools to check the status of both. Applicants can use the Passport Seva website to verify their passport status using the assigned File Number.

Indian Passport File Number 12 Characters:

The File Number in an Indian passport typically consists of 12 characters, comprising a combination of letters and numbers. Each character holds significance in the application and tracking process.

Passport Seva:

Passport Seva is the online portal through which individuals can apply for passports, track their applications, and access various passport-related services. The File Number serves as a gateway to these online services, ensuring a streamlined experience for applicants.

Passport Number Check By Name:

While the File Number is essential for tracking, the passport number itself is another critical identifier. Some platforms, including Passport Seva, may offer the option to check passport status by entering the applicant’s name along with other details.

Get Passport File Number:

Upon successful submission of the passport application, the File Number is generated and provided to the applicant. It is essential to preserve this number as it is required for subsequent tracking and reference.


In conclusion, the File Number in a passport application is a vital element that facilitates tracking and monitoring. Aspiring travelers must grasp the significance of this alphanumeric identifier to navigate the application process seamlessly. Whether deciphering the File Number’s characters or utilizing it for online tracking, understanding its role ensures a smoother journey from application submission to the exciting moment of holding a new passport. As individuals embark on global adventures, the File Number remains a constant companion, guiding the passport from application to hand.


How Can I Find My Passport File Number?

How to Get the Passport Reference File Number. When you submit the application for a passport, you will receive a passport reference file number. After submitting the application form and paying the registration money, you will receive a passport reference file number.

Is Passport Application Number And File Number Same?

The File number is the Unique Serial number of your Application file that was submitted to a particular passport office or seva kendra. This identifier helps passport authorities veriify your documents whenever needed. NOTE : File Number is not the same as Passport number.

What Is 12 Digit Passport Number?

It is an internal reference code that is temporary in nature. As mentioned above, it is a 12 digit alphanumeric code that is a direct reference to the applicant. It can be used to track the status of the passport application of the applicant.

How Do I Find My Passport Number?

How to find a passport number on your passport. If you have your passport handy, you can find your passport number on the top right side of the page that features your picture. In the example below, the number is within the red box.

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