What is cryptocurrency? Here’s everything you should know!

Charlotte Miller

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Every day, you get to read something about these digital coins on the Internet. It is taking up the news headlines because it is trendy. The increasing demand and popularity of cryptocurrencies make people stare at them. The ever-increasing prices in cryptocurrencies have made many coins accept it, and it has become an essential part of the investment. Even though cryptocurrencies are very tempting and exciting, you must be very well aware of how they work and what we expect. If cryptocurrencies are a completely new concept for you, you are certainly at the right place. Please look at the details in this post to understand how cryptocurrencies work and what they are.

First of all, you should know what exactly cryptocurrencies are. It is a matter of high interest for many people out there, while others may not be interested in digital coins. The bitcoin network works faster than supercomputers because it can compute a quintillion floating-point calculation in a single second. The essential thing that differentiates it from the currency we use for daily transactions is digital and centralised. Also, people have gained a lot of attention towards cryptocurrencies because you can store value using these digital coins. Also, they experience an increase in their prices, making it an incredible medium of store of value.

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You will be surprised to know that there is not only one but multiple cryptocurrencies that you can use. However, bitcoin is the most popular among all. Over time, other cryptocurrencies also came into the market, and some of the popular ones among them are XRP, bitcoin cash, it her and many more. The basic idea that differentiates one cryptocurrency from the other is its features and how you can use them. Also, some of the cryptocurrencies can be used in cash, while others are perfect for making private and direct transactions.

Anyone who is storing a cryptocurrency has a digital wallet. The currency is equal, and therefore, you cannot expect any physical existence of these digital coins. You can easily buy these coins and sell them on online cryptocurrency exchanges, which are available in every country of the world. However, it is incredible to know that you cannot only store these coins in an online wallet. Nowadays, you can also store them in cold hardware wallets that look like the USB drive you have been using for an extended period now.

Whenever you make a transaction using these digital coins, the transactions are recorded somewhere. It needs to be very safe and secure because these are very valuable. You can use the transaction, but the transaction details will be stored on a public ledger, and the centraliser is called the Blockchain. It is a database of transactions that stores cryptocurrency transactions of every kind. Everyone can join it and use it for the common good of storing value and making transactions in cryptocurrency. It is highly safe and secure, and no one can trace the origin of cryptocurrency transactions because of the cryptographic puzzles you have to solve to create a block. The process of preventing fraud in crypto currencies’ transactions is cryptography. Even if the Blockchain is very safe, there are no regulations for cryptocurrencies, making them volatile in front of the dollar, rupee, and many other fiat currencies.

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About regulations

The fact that the whole market does not have any regulations is a plus point and a minus point—those massively investing in cryptocurrencies. Making a lot of money out of it is just because of the non-regulation of the cryptocurrency market. However, if someone wants to make cryptocurrency a store of value investment, we have a high risk because of the lack of regulations. You have chances of losing all your money in cryptocurrencies if the market is unregulated for all time. This is because they are not regulated by any government worldwide, making the price prediction very difficult. Also, when there is no control of any regulatory authority or body, the asset can be highly volatile and dissolve the market at any point in time.


Cryptocurrencies are widely spread all across the globe. Even if they are not regulated by anything or anyone, people accept them open-handedly. For example, El Salvador is the first country that added bitcoin as a legal tender in the country’s financial system. Also, some substantial multinational corporations accept bitcoin as a mode of payment. It makes bitcoin an incredible medium of transactions for some organisations and some products.