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What is an Interior designer and What do they do? 

by Aishwarya
What is an Interior designer and What do they do? 

An interior designer is a professional who specializes in designing the inside of homes, offices and other buildings. They are responsible for every aspect of the design including selecting furniture, lighting fixtures, colors and textures. Interior designers also work with architects to ensure that their designs will meet building codes in addition to having an eye for safety. With all these responsibilities it’s no wonder they have such a hefty Interior design salary! If you want to try a job in the field of design, you can check Home design Institute and their Interior design course. In this short-term course you will not only extend your knowledge in Interior Design, but also will have a chance to obtain a professional Certificate to add to your portfolio. 

What is an interior designer and what do they do?

An interior designer is a person who advises people on how to decorate their homes. Interior designers are skilled in art, design, and architecture with many years of training behind them. It takes a lot more than just an eye for style or understanding the latest trends to be successful as an interior designer. An individual must have knowledge about building sciences such as environmental control systems like heating and cooling, lighting science (both artificial and natural), structural engineering so that they can make sure space can hold furniture without damaging anything around it or causing any safety hazards due to weight distribution issues, acoustical physics so that they know what materials will work best based on sound transmission properties. 

How to find the right one for your project?

As with any project, finding the right designer is all about research. Look for designers who have a portfolio or website that shows their work and experience in your desired style (modern versus traditional). Make sure to ask lots of questions when meeting with potential interior designers to ensure you find the one who will be able to create what you’re looking for. We also recommend asking friends, family members, neighbors or co-workers if they know an excellent designer – there’s no better way than recommendations from someone close. Lastly, don’t forget Yelp. There are plenty of reviews where people discuss both their favorite and not so favorite design companies. If some seem shady then we advise you cross those off your list immediately, but otherwise it can provide helpful insight.

Key qualities you should look for in a good interior designer

Good designer will be able to clearly communicate their vision and why they created it. What is more, a good design should have a coherent theme that reflects the personality of the person who lives there. A strong concept statement is essential for achieving this, so make sure you ask what that is before agreeing on anything with your interior designer. Last but not least, creativity:  ideas are just as important as having talent – maybe even more so, if you want something special or different from what’s out there already because ideas can’t always rely on existing conventions when designing new concepts. You need someone who’s willing to experiment with colors, textures, styles, materials and occasionally break some rules in order to come up with a unique solution tailored specifically for you!

Advantages of hiring an interior designer over doing it yourself

The advantages of hiring an interior designer over doing it yourself are many. For one, a good design can make your home worth more than you might think. That’s because according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), if someone buys your house and moves in, they’ll spend on average about $30k for remodeling – which is not always easy or cheap to do yourself. So while the initial investment may be steep, it pays off by increasing resale value on top of providing years of enjoyment.  Additionally, there are some nuances that only somebody with experience knows how to handle well like making sure all furnishings have plenty of room so people don’t trip when passing through rooms, as well as proper lighting in every space. 

The interior designer works with the client to create a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They do this by coming up with creative solutions based on what they know about their clients, including any budget limits or restrictions. An interior designer can help you with anything, from furniture placement in your living room, to designing a full home renovation. Interior designers are skilled at taking an idea (or many ideas) and turning them into a reality for someone else’s space – all while doing it within one’s individual style preferences. 

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