What Exactly is Money? Is Bitcoin Payment a Reliable Resource?

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Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have completely changed the personal lives of all of us, and have changed the financial market to a great extent as well. The price record for the cryptocurrency bitcoin has not been broken by any other crypto currency so far. The all-time high value of bitcoin has been over $64000. Many see it as a viable money option. But is it possible for bitcoin to replace the current currency, the dollar? To understand it better, let us first start with some questions and also try to understand some basic principles of money. So, if you are planning to trade or mine Bitcoin, then you may check this article

What exactly is money anyway?

Money is splendidly significant in the life of all of us, money is used by people to pay amidst oneself. The answer is certainly simple, but to get the answers to all of these questions, you first need to know what money is. and what are its main functions?

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  • Scale

It is very important to have a fixed scale of money so that calculations can be done. But the same thing should also be kept in mind that it is a very difficult task to calculate the value. Money is just a means of payment, nothing more than that. With which certain tasks can be completed as much as possible. There are some means of payment that can make them better. 

  • Store Price

Value for money is preferably not subject to high volatility. It will be very easy for you to understand that if I work, I can earn money. I can use the money I have earned to get fair value in future.

  • Be Exchangeable

The importance of money is very high. Money is money if you can get some useful things in return for money. It is fully capable of acting as an exchange for these currencies.

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Best payment method

Now if you want to know which instrument is considered the most suitable for payment, Keep in mind that the price is subject to fluctuations, and is extremely easy to exchange. Is there an easily computable scale? There is no one true solution yet, so everyone may have a different opinion. In this article, we’ll go through some of the basics that make up a payment method – which is considered quite useful.

  • Verifiable – The value of the means of payment must be verified quickly.
  • Scarce — Obtaining means of payment can be difficult, if using Pebbles it is easy to get their true value without much effort.
  • Acceptance

The money you have with you for a long time is of no use to you until you recognize that money. This is the main reason why the dollar is considered a reserve currency.

  • Durable

The instrument of payment must not have an expiration date or be capable of becoming unusable.

Does Bitcoin function as a means of payment?

There are a umpteenth points you necessity to keep in mind when using bitcoin (BTC) as a vehicle of payment:

  1. Durability: Bitcoin is a digital currency, which will never expire.
  2. Portable: Portable is like fiat money, and it is much faster, it takes only a few minutes to transfer bitcoins with it.
  3. Verifiable: more fraud-proof than fiat money
  4. Scarce: Government has no control over bitcoin, so relying on logical math, bitcoin is one of the rarest means of payment.
  5. Acceptance: Bitcoin is not recognized as money by many general societies. 

In this blog, I told you about some special points associated with bitcoin, on which bitcoin is doing very well.

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