What Does a Pendulum Psychic Reading Entail?

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What Does a Pendulum Psychic Reading Entail?

Pendulums are tools that have been used in divination for centuries. A pendulum consists of a symmetrical, weighted object attached to a cord or chain that can move freely. Find out more about what pendulum psychic readings entail, especially when you get an online or phone reading from a psychic who specializes in using a pendulum. 

Let the Pendulum Swing

Pendulums have a lengthy history as practical devices dating back to Leonardo da Vinci in the 15th century to Galileo Galilei and Isaac Newton in the 17th and 18th centuries. Since at least the 16th century, pendulums have also been used for divination, though some historians suggest that this use of these tools dates back to Ancient Egypt and Rome.

Today, psychics can choose from a wide variety of materials for pendulum weights, cords and chains. Readers connect with tools that move based on their energy and the strength of spiritual connection with querents to provide insight into questions. While you may not be able to watch the movement of a pendulum during a phone or chat reading, psychics can use these tools to provide timely and clear answers to inquiries.

Answer Any of Your Questions

A psychic who uses pendulums will understand how to interpret the motion of this tool to deliver affirmative, negative or neutral responses. Unlike methods of divination that provide open-ended answers, such as readings based on tarot cards or interactive oracle card readings online, a pendulum can provide more precise feedback to your questions.

Psychic readers who use pendulums for readings are experts at using these devices. A reader should strive to be open to the energy that you bring to a reading, as their own energy can influence the movement of a pendulum. It is also advisable to stop the motion of a pendulum between questions, particularly about unrelated topics, as this clears the energy to allow for more definite answers to further inquiries.

Psychics Who Use Pendulums

You can connect with psychics who specialize in the use of pendulums or other tools for divination online. Many querents gain more insight from readers who use tools that they find compelling, such as live psychic readings using crystals & rocks online. Readers have pendulums that resonate with their energy, and which may incorporate materials such as crystals, gemstones, glass, metal or wood.

Many psychics who use pendulums during readings also specialize in other systems or tools. Look for psychics who also specialize in astrology, numerology or cartomancy with tarot or oracle cards online. The direct, uninterrupted connection that is possible between readers and querents in online and phone readings can be ideal for readings that involve any of these tools.

An online service makes it easier to connect with readers who use your preferred tools. It can also be worthwhile to factor in the topics in which psychics specialize and reading styles, such as compassionate, straightforward or motivational psychics. The best online resource for psychics makes it easier for you to find the right reader to address any inquiry.