What do you mean by stealth address on a blockchain?

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What do you mean by stealth address on a blockchain

Stealth address is a significant component of privacy-focused cryptocurrency transactions. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the differences between a public and a privacy-focused digital currency. Monero is an example of private cryptocurrency, and bitcoin is an example of public cryptocurrency. The public cryptocurrency lacks behind private digital currencies in terms of security, but it is way more than the conventional monetary system. 

The significance of stealth addresses in a private cryptocurrency transaction is utterly immense. Besides being essential in the private cryptocurrency network, it also has some significance in the public cryptocurrency network. Below is everything you should know about the importance of stealth addresses on a cryptocurrency network, both private and public. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check the three individuals who were supposedly the inventor of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto .

Key Takeaways!

  • Stealth addresses are known to secure the private blockchain, but they also have significance in securing the public digital ledger. 
  • Stealth address serves these actions by formulating a single wallet address for every exchange. 
  • Usually, all blockchain comprises a partially anonymous exchange. In other words, the accurate information of a user is connected with a cryptocurrency key. Then, one can dash such transactions utilizing this cryptocurrency key on the digital ledger. 
  • Stealth addresses have acquired traction as cryptocurrency thefts and hacks are increasing day by day. 

Stealth address technology has faced criticism to an exceeding extent as it is alleged for the inclining use of cryptocurrencies in illicit activities. Moreover, due to stealth address technology in digital currencies like Monero and Zcash, these currencies are strictly regulated in many developing countries like India. 

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I am acknowledging the notion of Stealth address!

The notion of a digital ledger resembles a pooled database that comprises exchange information, and it is present in the computer system of each participant of a particular network. The exchange information present on each blockchain is utterly visible to the nodes of that particular system. The identification process takes place with the help of public addresses mentioned on the blockchain. 

For each exchange, the blockchain demands a public address or feature. The necessity of a wallet address for executing information and exchange on blockchain was earlier considered a system bug. Still, later people came to know that it is one of the fundamental features of this technology to eliminate misuse of cryptocurrencies. The popularity of stealth addresses only increased because blockchain still lacks user identity security. 

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Public blockchain!

The disadvantage of an open digital ledger is the presence of some loopholes that can help bad actors determine a user’s actual identity. The wallet address, also known as a blockchain address and a public key, can help others trace your actual identity. Public blockchain always demands a public key to execute the operations, and this public key can reveal your real identity. 

History of Stealth Address!

The infamous dedicated blockchain model Cardano resembles features with the famous dedicated blockchain network, and both of these models make use of a public ledger. The public ledger is alleged to comprise user personal details security. With a public blockchain on such a famous cryptocurrency model, the possibilities of risks, thefts and other illicit activities are on a roll these days. 

Todd developed the concept of the Stealth address. Stealth address came into action alongside ether, the local currency of the Ethereum network. Stealth address seems to be offering complete users anonymity as it only assigns a one-time wallet address. 

Steal address is a dynamic technology in the cryptocurrency marketplace. The stealth address utilizes the Hellman protocol. Stealth addresses are also of many types and are huge in number. Even if a sender wants to send some cryptocurrencies to the same recipient, a stealth address will assign a different wallet address to the receiver for each exchange. 

The stealth address technology is found in Monero digital currency. In short, the majority of the privacy-focused digital currency comprises stealth address technology in their mechanism only. Undeniably it is meant to improve the security of a user’s personal identity on a cryptocurrency network. Still, it is also very concerning as stealth address technology is being heavily used in illicit activities.  



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