What Are the Traits of a Winning SEO Agency?

Charlotte Miller

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Many small business owners in Australia want to know the answer to this question, as they look to partner up with a winning digital marketing outfit, so we did some research into the traits of a successful SEO agency.

The following qualities would be displayed by a top SEO agency.

  • Transparency – There should be no secrets when it comes to SEO; some agencies seem to think they should be secretive about what they do, while others prefer to keep the client informed and educated. A great example is King Kong SEO, who swept the board with awards and trophies; they are transparent with all their clients, which is one of the reasons they have enjoyed success around the world.
  • Realistic – A sign of a good SEO agency is being realistic with clients; no BS or wild claims, if something is beyond their capabilities, they should tell you so. If an agency boasts they can put your site at the top of Google’s search results, that is quite some claim.
  • Can-do attitude – Ideally, you want to be working with people who believe in the power of positivity and nothing should be too much trouble when it comes to pleasing the client.
  • Think outside the box – There’s more than one way to skin a cat and sometimes an unorthodox approach is what is required. SEO technicians have an arsenal of tools and they are not afraid of treading new ground.
  • Results driven – The SEO agency that wins awards is purely results-driven; they know they are only as good as their latest campaign and that keeps them honed and ready for the next challenge.
  • Reliable – When an agency makes a statement or claim, they should be able to back that up with the desired outcomes; all timelines are honoured and they are always on time for Zoom meetings.
  • Passionate about what they do – Top SEO guys don’t see what they do as work, it’s more of a lifetime commitment to winning and this kind of rubs off when you spend time with them. Perhaps geek is too strong a description; a winning SEO agency would have a crazy team; no business suits for these guys, they are purely focused on finding ways to hit those client goals.

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