What Are The Requirements To Become A Teacher? What You Need To Know

Charlotte Miller

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If you have a passion for helping children learn about the world around them, you have what it takes to be a teacher. However, along with your passion for learning, it will take much hard work on your part to have your own classroom. To be prepared for the path ahead of you, here are the requirements to become a teacher.

A Rewarding Career

As a teacher, you can be assured of having a very rewarding career. Since you want to become a teacher, chances are you had a teacher along the way who inspired you to not only learn, but to not let anything stop you from reaching whatever goals you establish. If you want to make a difference in a child’s life that will impact them for decades, teaching is the perfect career.

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Is Teaching Right for You?

Despite your love of learning, you do still need to be practical when deciding on whether to become a teacher. For example, since you’ll be spending most of your day with children, make sure your personality can handle the good, bad, and occasionally ugly stuff that crops up now and then when dealing with kids. 

Also, make sure you are fine with the salary you will earn, and that you won’t mind having your time outside the classroom taken up with meetings, extracurricular activities, and other things.

Becoming a Teacher

When you are examining such websites as Education Degree to determine teacher education requirements for the type of teaching job you want, realize that you will need a minimum of four years of college to reach your goal. Should you want to teach younger children, you will major in elementary education. However, for middle and high school teaching positions, you will major in whatever subject you wish to teach, such as English, History, Math, or others.

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Student Teaching

Prior to being granted a teaching license in your state, you will need to do student teaching, meaning you will lead a class while being supervised by another teacher who is quite experienced. This can be invaluable to your future career as a teacher since you will be able to tap into the years of knowledge your supervising teacher has about what it’s really like to teach children on a daily basis.

Getting Your Teaching Certificate

To obtain your teaching certificate, most states require you to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, complete a state-approved teacher preparation program, pass the state teaching exams, and submit an application for your state teaching license.

Alternative Certifications

Since teachers are in short supply in some parts of the nation, alternative certification programs have been established to help people from other careers transition into teaching positions. In these programs, a Bachelor’s degree is still required, but passing a certification test and completing student teaching may not be necessary.

Now that you know what it takes to become a teacher, start laying the groundwork that will allow you to inspire today’s kids to do great things in the years ahead. If you need any help, you can reach out to places like EducationDegree.com.