What Are The Different Kitchen Styles?

Charlotte Miller

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If you are anything like me, then you are probably wondering what the different kitchen styles are and what they entail. To save you time and confusion, I did all the research for you. Here are the different kitchen styles.

Choosing Your Design Carefully

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a design for your kitchen. For starters, how big is your kitchen? Can you afford a design that offers minimal storage space and doesn’t take advantage of horizontal space?

Be careful not to overdesign either. Pick one of the following styles and stick to it.

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Modern Kitchen Style

Modern kitchen styles are designed to keep clutter to a minimum. They are sleek and sophisticated with reflective surfaces and exotic woods.

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Contemporary Kitchen Style

The contemporary style can be best described as where function and family friendliness meet. You get a mix of new and old materials with casual and polished finishings. There is plenty of room and seats for hosts and guests to interact, making this style perfect for larger kitchens.

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Coastal Kitchen Style

A coastal-style kitchen features a lot of cool shades of green and blue. It has seagrass and wicker seating and windows that allow for maximum sunshine. Everything is made to stand up to the wet bathing suits that sit and lean on them.

Traditional Kitchen Style

Traditional Style kitchens are very family-oriented. They are clean and welcoming to guests and family, making them a great option for many people. You can expect to see tiled floors, vintage-looking light fixtures, and paneled or glass doors on cupboards.

Transitional Kitchen Style

A transitional style kitchen is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary kitchens. They are bright, relaxed, and loaded with storage. You can expect to see a lot of white and wood in a transitional kitchen.

Old World Kitchen Style

An old-world-style kitchen brings you back to a time of luxury. It features dark mahogany finishes with immense detail. The countertops have bullnose edges and the flooring is typically stone or wooden. Seating features heavy fabrics to bring you back in time.