What are the changes in the pattern of the CLAT?

Charlotte Miller

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A consortium of National Law Universities has brought updates with the format of LLM exam for CLAT 2021. In this context, it has brought back the elaborative segments. At the same time, it has brought the least cutoff marks as well for 2021. Anyway, due to COVID-19 Pandemic, the consortium opted to take the elaborative section out. Also, it removed the least CLAT cutoff mark criterion. However, the test pattern for CLAT LLB, 2021 is quite intact as it was.    

Exam pattern

First of all, the student needs to understand the exam pattern well for CLAT 2021, considering the changes. Similarly, it is important to be familiar with the syllabus as well. However, one certainly should not worry much. Rather, one can gain confidence upon having clarity about the areas to focus on. Moreover, the CLAT UG question is going to aim at testing the level of comprehension. 

At the same time, focus must be on reasoning ability as well. On a whole, the patter is meant to test the skill that is essential for legal institutions. Apparently, lesser emphasis is on previous knowledge, considering that previous knowledge is useful only sometimes. However, prior knowledge is crucial when it comes to preparing for Current Affairs.    

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Difficulty level

Most people are curious to know about difficulty level of the exam after the changes. Anyway, no need is to worry much about this as it will be of 12th level only. Best part, there is thorough clarity about the changes. Specifically, it’s certain for every section of the question paper to have comprehension. Hence, there is going to be a passage reading session for sure. 

In this context, one must prioritize the fact short sets. In concurrence, emphasis must be on graphs and propositions as well. Additionally, there will be a series of questions following this. However, there is no need to worry much. Rather, here a candidate simply has to simply answer post going through the comprehensions.      

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Number of questions

It’s good to have clarity regarding the number of questions. Specifically, it holds importance after changes in syllabus.  In this context, one must note down that there will 150 questions this time. Noteworthy here is that there were 200 questions in total earlier. And, a student has to solve all these in a period of a couple of hours only. Accordingly, one may prepare strategies to grab good scores.  

Changes for UG and PG

For UG, this new CLAT exam pattern is going to have English as the language. Alongside, it will have Current Affairs and General Knowledge as well. In reasoning, there will be both legal and logical reasoning. At the same time, there will remain quantitative techniques as well.        

There are changes in PG as well. Moreover, this new change is going to include 100 MCQs. At the same time, there will be a couple of subjective-type questions as well. On a whole, there will be 120 minutes to solve these questions. In 2020, there was no descriptive section of the exam.

However, aspirants will see this in the year 2021. Highest mark for the exam is 150. Undoubtedly, Constitutional Law is the most prominent subject for the exam. Among others, the subjects like Criminal Law, Global Law, IPR, Contract, and Torts also hold a lot of significance from a qualification perspective.

When it comes to UPG and PG, the CLAT 2021 is certainly going to remain the same as of 2020. Indeed, through revisions in 2019, the pattern has changed a lot. However, one doesn’t need to worry much about the questions. Rather, it will be a good strategy to identify the areas to focus on for each section. For example, one needs to focus on current affairs for comprehension. Similarly, emphasis should also be on logical reasoning. Alongside, there will be deductive reasoning and quantitative reasoning as well.

So, these are all about the changes for CLAT 2021. On a whole, things may look easier upon understanding the patterns well. Apart from this, one must have clarity regarding the syllabus as well. Regarding the questions, experts claim that CLAT 2021 will be simpler than that of 2020. Specifically, considering the Pandemic, the examination will remain on the simpler side.