What Are the Best Applications for Wooden Crates?

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What Are the Best Applications for Wooden Crates?

Wooden shipping crates are super versatile and highly customizable. They will be able to offer you more options and they provide more protection compared to wooden pallets. The industry and type of products that can benefit from wooden crates the most are oversized, fragile, agricultural and industrial items. 

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Wooden pallets are used pretty widely in our distribution system, but they are not suitable for every single product or shipment need. Wooden shipping crates can fill the gaps that wooden pallets leave behind, and they can do it well. Crates can be used for almost anything, including agricultural harvests to transporting industrial machine parts. Crates can also be customized and they come in any shape or size, lumber type as well as construction style.

Crates offer more cushion and protection than pallets ever could since they are able to have structures built within them to better secure whatever is inside. Wooden crates are great for: agriculture use, industrial machinery and delicate or oddly sized products. 

Wooden crates are made up of plywood, they are completely closed and can be very resistant. This offers the most protection for goods because of the solid packaging. The qualities of the wooden crate help prevent damage during transportation. Wood, other than being the most eco-friendly option, can also be repaired easily without needing to resort to completely replacing the entire thing. 

This type of packaging will also give the customer a presentation that is natural, and gives off the feelings of tradition and environmentally friendly. The natural properties of the wood will act as a moisture regulator, meaning a wooden crate is able to keep products fresher for much longer. The wood is a porous structure which makes it perfect for inhibiting the development of bacteria. This makes wooden crates one of the best for exporting at the highest hygienics and perfectly suitable for transporting food items because it will limit the amount of bacteria on them. This characteristic is important for goods that need to remain in storage for a long time.

How else can it benefit you? Well, wood is also capable of adapting to any weight or volume of what is inside of it. It is appropriate for the sea, land or even air transport. Keep in mind that you can also protect your boxes on top of that with plastic covers, vacuum aluminum or VCI thermo-seal in order to add an even higher level of protection and protect them against corrosion.

Manufacturers of wooden crates can provide you with standard size boxes, or you can opt to create your own custom wooden boxes that suit your every need. 

In agriculture, agricultural harvests are one of the most popular uses of wooden shipping crates. Most farmers grow fruits and vegetables that are not a uniform size and will not sit in normal boxes, or will be too heavy for storage in non-wood packaging. Crates are typically used for potatoes or sweet potatoes because of their heavy weight. Tomatoes and garlic, plus a whole range of nuts are generally always transported in wooden crates. 

Wooden crates are also the first choice for a wide variety of industrial equipment and machinery. Since crates are naturally protective packaging, can be customized to fit nearly any dimensions plus any type of support or securement anchors can be added on, this makes them the perfect choice for a huge variety of both heavy and high value parts needing to be transported all over the world each day. If you imagine any type of oversized piece of equipment, chances are it was transported in crates in some way, shape or form. Some examples of wooden crates being used for transportation include:

  • For aviation parts, like the engine, wing or fuselage parts.
  • For ships, like propellers, engines and crankshafts.
  • For military, like hardware, or foodstuffs
  • For large liquid tanks containing things like propane, water or other chemicals

Delicate and oddly-shaped objects will also benefit greatly from the high flexibility that crates offer. Products can vary in size quite greatly, as well as their packaging needs and many industries require custom built, purpose driven crates. Delicate products will most likely need shipping crate packaging that keeps in mind their fragility, like glass products or sensitive electronic equipment. Items such as wine bottles, drinking glasses, artwork or other fragile goods are able to be protected well when using wooden crates for transportation. 

In addition, any electronic or equipment used for measurement will benefit from wooden crates. Especially those that are equipped with sensitive gyroscopes or lenses. Any other products featuring odd shapes or dimensions can also benefit since they are able to be secured easily. As an example, motorcycles are typically shipped in crates with wooden railings on the floor which hold the tires straight keeping the bike upright, while the anchor points in the wooden crate allow the bike to be secured in a way which prevents it from falling over. 

Wood packaging for exporting goods is one of the most appropriate, sustainable and responsible options for both goods and environment. Because it is natural, sustainable, recyclable and a renewable product.

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