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What Are the Benefits of Instagram for Businesses?

by Rohan Mathew
What Are the Benefits of Instagram for Businesses

Think Instagram is just for taking pictures of your aesthetically pleasing brunch or heavily filtered selfies? 

Think again.

(Okay, you can still post those on your personal page if you want.)

No business’s social media plan is complete without an Instagram strategy. Not only is the ‘gram home to some of the most engaged people on social, but it’s also just a given that your business will have a presence there.

Read on to learn more benefits of Instagram!

Build Your Audience

You can’t have a successful business without customers, right? 

With a solid Instagram strategy, you can grow your audience quickly and relatively easily, especially compared to other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. 

One of the best ways to do this is with a hashtag strategy. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post on IG, so make the best of them. Use hashtags that are relevant to your post, of course, but you can also use location-based ones, as well as more general ones, to reach a broader audience.

Get That Traffic

Another benefit of Instagram is that it drives traffic to your website, including your product/service pages. While Instagram only allows for one link in a bio at a time, you can use services like LinkTree to create a custom landing page specifically for your IG. 

One way you can get some ideas for traffic-boosting posts is to look at what content on your website is already performing really well. You already know these topics resonate with your audience, so why not introduce them to your Insta audience, too?

To get started with this, make a list of blog post topics and repurpose those into graphic form for IG, with links back to your site. Take a look at this great guide on how to repurpose existing content for Instagram, too, for a deeper dive into this subject.

Attract New Talent

One thing prospective job applicants will likely do is take a look at your company’s social media presence. Your Instagram, in particular, will give them a pretty good idea of your company culture, what your offices look like (if you have them), and even your dress code. 

Customer Research

Our favorite benefit of Instagram? Free customer research and insights! 

With an Instagram Business account, you have access to all sorts of statistics and numbers, like:

  • Which posts are getting the most engagement
  • How many times a post gets saved/shared
  • Where your audience is located
  • The age range of your most engaged audience

And seriously, so much more, just by using the built-in tools in the app. 

Plus, because you can see what’s performing best and what’s performing not so well, you can tweak your strategy on the fly to give your audience what they want most. And the happier your audience is, the more likely they’ll be to buy what you’re selling.

Looking for a Sign to Get On Instagram? This Is It!

The benefits of Instagram can’t be overstated. If your business isn’t on there yet, this is your sign to get started! Your audience is waiting.

Check out the rest of our site for more ideas on getting started on Instagram, and all the other social media platforms, today!

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