What Are the Benefits of Computer Engineering? All You Need to Know!

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What Are the Benefits of Computer Engineering

The area of computer engineering has become a lucrative and fascinating career option in this era of rapid technological innovation. It is, however, one of the most popular selections at the majority of BE Computer Engineering colleges in Mumbai that involves the design, development, and implementation of computer systems, networks, and software applications. 

Additionally, around 1,081 thousand students were registered in the computer science engineering discipline for the academic year 2021, according to the findings of a survey conducted throughout India. This blog thus attempts to provide you with a thorough grasp of the benefits and prospects that this area has to offer, whether you are considering getting a degree in computer engineering or are already in the industry. 

BE in Computer Engineering- Course Information

Major programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python are thoroughly covered in this course. Also, it covers every area of computer engineering in great detail and includes hardware topics like analogue and digital electronics in addition to software-related topics. 

Degree Highlights

Level of Study Undergraduate 
Course Duration  4 years
Basic Eligibility Criteria 
  • Should have passed the 12th standard or an equivalent test.
  • Must study mandatory subjects like Physics,  Mathematics, as well as Chemistry/ Biology/ Computer Science, and English as one of their study languages. 
  • Shall receive a minimum of 50% of the possible points overall. This criterion might be different for candidates in the reserved category.
Areas of Employment MNCs, Corporate Houses, Banks, Software Development Companies, Web Designing Firms, etc. 

What advantages does studying Computer Engineering offer?

The majority of discussions in computer engineering centre on the creation and design of various everyday-use technologies. Computer engineering also contributes to every area, from cell phones and robotics to desktops and personal computers, to make our daily life more convenient. You can read the following points to better understand some of the benefits of attending the BE computer engineering colleges in Mumbai:

  • Innovation and learning opportunities

Technology-related industrial practises and standards typically change to reflect new information as people continue to innovate in this field. Moreover, this indicates that the majority of computer engineers regularly study new things and advance their knowledge to maintain their knowledge up to date. And, for those who enjoy having their minds challenged constantly, this is the ideal chance. Someone with a focus on cybersecurity, for instance, would need to learn about new software updates and how to employ cutting-edge technologies. Therefore, taking this degree at one of the BE colleges in India could help students continue to do well throughout their careers.

  • Multiple job opportunities

You can find employment possibilities in whatever industry you would like to work in because the majority of businesses and industries rely on computers and technology. Also, many computer engineers focus on particular fields including robotics, electronics, computer systems, artificial intelligence, and embedded architecture, and the majority of these employment options also offer flexibility.

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  • Opportunity to protect civil liberty and fight against cybercriminals

Our lives have been made infinitely easier by the Internet, but it has also made us more vulnerable, as cybercrime is a prevalent problem that has emerged in the digital era. Also, many hackers and smugglers on the dark web have infected political leaders’ and business executives’ computers with viruses to steal their identities and financial information. As a result, graduates from the BE computer engineering colleges in Mumbai are equipped to contribute to making the world a safer and better place to live.

  • Travel Freedom

You may be able to reside anywhere in the country because of the abundance of career prospects in this profession, which also allows you to travel. Additionally, the majority of businesses in India and the rest of the world’s big cities need computer engineers’ skills. However, computer experts are frequently sought after by companies that produce smart gadgets and internet-connected vehicles. And, to maintain databases and computer networks, even medium- to large-sized businesses often need the expertise of these specialists.

Top Employment Pathways for Computer Science Engineering Graduates 

Job Profiles  Description  Average Initial Salary (in INR)
Web Developer A Web Developer is a specialist in charge of creating and designing websites. And, the graduates of the Computer Engineering colleges in Mumbai become skilled developers with an in-depth understanding of coding and computer programming to ensure that sites meet user expectations by ensuring they look good, run smoothly, and offer easy access points with no loading issues between pages or error messages. 1.0 to 2.0 LPA
Design Engineer As their primary duties involve analysing, researching, and producing designs for new items, design engineers are experts with great research and creative talents. Moreover, these specialists play a crucial role in the creation of any product or piece of software.  1.8 to 3.2 LPA 
Software Engineer Software engineers examine, modify, assess, and test the software using a thorough understanding of technical ideas to make sure it is user-friendly. Moreover, these experts are taught specific skills at the Bachelor and ME colleges in Mumbai for developing software in response to client needs. 2.5 to 3.0 LPA
Software Tester A specialist with expertise in creating and designing test scenarios for software usability is a software tester. And, these specialists are in charge of creating test plans for software usability, carrying them out, and compiling analyses of their efficiency and general performance. Additionally, this is one of the top job paths because the majority of employers seek employees with experience in the field. 1.3 to 3.4 LPA
Blockchain Developer Blockchain developers create systems to collect and preserve blockchain data in a way that hinders alterations or hackers, enabling secure digital transactions. Further, with a degree from the BE Computer Engineering colleges in Mumbai, you can create application features and user interfaces, as well as client and server-side apps, and secure blockchain technology. 2.0 to 4.5 LPA

Best Computer Engineering College in India

Among the famous institutions in India, the Terna Engineering College in Mumbai offers Computer Engineering in addition to other illustrious engineering programmes. The following are a few of the elements that contribute to its status as a renowned educational institution:

  • Its faculty members are extremely skilled and experienced in both traditional and cutting-edge computer engineering courses. 
  • The CE department always supports and encourages its students to take part in a variety of technical and extracurricular activities at the local, national, and international levels.
  • This is one of the private engineering colleges in Mumbai that has successfully placed more than 1500 students in a range of companies, including TCS, Infosys, Godrej, IBM, Reliance Industries Limited, etc.
  • The computer engineering department has created a database lab, Linux lab, computer graphics lab, simulation lab, etc. for the purpose of ensuring that students are up to date with the most recent technologies.

Summing Up 

Having a background in computer engineering demonstrates your proficiency with computers, logical reasoning, and problem-solving techniques. Furthermore, a degree from one of the BE Computer Engineering colleges in Mumbai can also provide you with a competitive edge if you decide to change careers. 


  1. What are the roles of a Computer Engineer?
  • Using different programming languages to create software
  • Designing and building clever learning machines or robots
  • Investigating novel tools or technologies in fields like computer security, machine learning, and data science
  • To produce virtual reality technologies, visualisation, mapping, and 3D modelling are used.
  1. What crucial traits can you cultivate by taking a course in computer engineering?

The BE computer engineering colleges in Mumbai place a strong emphasis on important traits like critical thinking, great communication, analytical abilities, problem-solving, flexibility, coding, research, etc.

  1. What common topics make up the curriculum of computer engineering courses?

The main subjects covered in a CE study plan include Information Theory, Database Systems, Cryptography, Engineering Physics, Database Systems, Engineering Chemistry, Embedded Systems, Discrete Mathematics, Digital Image Processing, and Principles of Programming Languages.

  1. What issues are essentially resolved by graduates of computer engineering?

Computer engineers put in a lot of effort to create new hardware and software that may be utilised in a range of applications. Nevertheless, the BE Computer Engineering colleges in Mumbai equip students with the tools they need to analyse and resolve computer-related issues using computer science techniques.