What Are Steps to Follow For Using the Indian Overseas Bank Internet Banking Service? 

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Indian Overseas Bank is one of the public sector banks in India and it was established in the year of 1937. The Indian Overseas Bank is the private ownership and the bank has more than three thousand branches in the major location of India. It is located in Chennai and was founded by the M. Chidambaram chetteyar. This bank offers various financial supports such as home loans, business loans, education loans, agriculture loans, vehicle loans, medical loans, and others. Every type of credit card comes with individual benefits, credit limit, reward point, cashback offer, and others. The customer can choose the best types of credit cards for their needs. The Indian Overseas Bank offers various services such as online banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, and others. Here the IOB net banking becomes one of the right options and gives great ideas for the customer to transfer money in a risk-free manner from financesmarti.

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Steps to activate the Indian Overseas Bank net banking 

 To make use of net banking, you must register and activate to send and receive the fund. If you don’t have any ideas, then you must follow the above steps that provide the best solution that lets to work much better. Internet banking is applicable to use 24 hours without banking support so everyone loves to make use more safely and securely.

 Step 1: the user must visit IOB official banking portal 

Step 2: you need to click on the “Continue” button option which let to take into the center page 

 Step 3: you can find out different web page where on the left and sidebar which you must see an option to find out register over the screen with below data 

 Step 4: You will take a different web page where you get a form and need to check and fill it out as per the information need and then click over the submit button. 

Step 5: After successful, submission over the form, and need to take a printout of the form that gets once successfully submitted. 

 Step 6: Then you must submit the printout of the form to the IOB brand. 

 Step 7: once you submitting the print out bank, then you must get a net banking account which is activated in some time 

 Step 8: Now you have to visit the official pages and click over the continue option which takes tot eh individual login pages located on the left side bard 

 Step9: Now you find out the various page where you enter the User ID and password which is kept confidential to create the registering the net banking account.

 Step 10: At last, you have to lick over the submit button and you fill features and function which perform various type things such check balance and send money and much more. 

 From the above steps, you are suggested to register and activate the iob net banking account in a risk-free manner. Therefore it gives more comfortable for the customer to use to transfer money with no risk of it. 

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 How to transfer funds to other banks via IOB net banking?

 Internet bank provides great support and gives the best ideas at all times. Let us know how to transfer money to another bank 

 Step 1: you must reach out to the official page and click over the individual Login option. It located n the top left sidebar

 Step 2: Now you have to enter the right user name and password in the respective place and hit submit button. 

 Step 3: you have to wait for the few second that take to the IOB net banking page 

 Step 4: Now click over the remittances option and choose the wish fund transfer option 

 Step 5: you have to pick an IOB account or else another bank account as per the want to send the money 

 Step 6: you have to type the amount number and transfer the money and ensure once again the account number and hit over the preceding button. 

 Step7: you have to submit a transfer printout and click overpay option 

 Step8: now you get OTP to registered mobile number with IOB via SMS 

 Step 9; then you have to enter OTP and click over the submit button to move funds from one account to the account. 

 The above method is the right way to transfer the money and get a risk-free move to money with no risk of it. Therefore, it is quite simple to follow by everyone. 

The Indian Overseas Bank offers internet banking services and the customer can download internet banking service from the stores such as the play store for the android phone and blackberry for the blackberry phone and others. Internet banking can be searched by name of the Bank of India. The user can log in to the iob net banking by entering their username and password. The personal code can be changed at a later time point by using the change code option is available under the more tab in the service. At the time of the registration, the users can their fund transaction password through the internet banking service. The fund transaction password is the disabled status and the user needs to again place a request for enabling the fund transaction password through the Indian Overseas Bank branch or otherwise internet banking using the internet banking credentials. The user can receive the request for enabling the fund transaction password. 


On using, the internet bank will cut down the major time and cost of the user and user need not want to stand in the queue to pay and get money. Hence, this iob net banking welcomes all people and makes use of the hand device safely. It is user friendly and faster method for banking so most of the user wishes to go on such internet banking. It is open at 24 hours to access the balance and another min statement by sending the SMS to the Bank of India