What are FOMO and FUD in Bitcoin?

Charlotte Miller

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FOMO and FUD are essential terms. In today’s era, people are smart, and they want to earn money through bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrencies. Still, these factors are prevalent, and every new investor, even existing investors who are trading and investing money in bitcoin, also face these FOMO and FUD. For example, they lose money and then say I have lost my money by investing in bitcoin, do not invest in cryptocurrency, but it is not the fault of the person who has lost that money. So before investing, you have to understand the FOMO and FUD to invest your money safely without fear. So, in this article, we will talk about these two terms that are essential to learn before investing in bitcoin. So, without wasting time, let’s understand these two terms or factors.

What is FOMO

FOMO stands for fear of missing out, which means you would miss something significant. You know, bitcoin is only the first coin that started in 2008, and now it has become the world’s most popular coin in cryptocurrency and supply is limited, and the price of bitcoin is increasing. But, unfortunately, TV shows, social media platforms, the press, and other sharing platforms are spreading fake news and are not real at all due to their popularity.

When news about bitcoin goes viral on the internet and media, people would fear never losing this deal. They are afraid to never miss the opportunity or deal that shows the viral media or news. Unfortunately, many news headlines go viral in today’s era like the price will increase in a few years. Many viral headlines about bitcoin that are half real and half fake cause fear, anxiety, and many other diseases.

For example: Suppose a new headline about bitcoin or cryptocurrency goes viral, and some people want to purchase bitcoin by reading that headline, and some people have no money at the moment. They are stressed if I miss that opportunity or deal with what would happen. So, they feel stressed, fear missing out that causes health issues. 

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How to overcome your fear

In this digitalization, media is the most significant power since everyone has a mobile phone and social media is the most crucial cause that people read news from the wrong sources that are the leading cause of fear. Media will affect your buying decisions. For example, if you see the information about bitcoin is booming, purchase it to get higher returns. Else you will miss this deal and will regret it all your life.

Many people believe in these viral headlines, images, or articles that are not 100% accurate. Some news is based on assumptions, and people don’t gather the actual facts and start investing in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. For more information, go with https://bitcoin-storm.live/.

Instead of going with or trusting viral news, research your own by yourself because no one can investigate for you. Research until you get the real facts, and after proper research, you can make the best decision based on the points you gathered. Then, get the real facts from reputable sources.

Many people invest in bitcoin through viral content, and they suddenly invest to never miss the opportunity. However, when the market goes down, they would be about to sell all the bitcoin at a loss and suffer huge losses sometimes. So, to overcome the fear, go with the real facts collected from reputable sources.

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FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and doubt. Why do we fear, uncertain, and in the doubtful position while investing in bitcoin? The biggest cause is trusting in the media without proper research and getting real facts. It is about spreading the wrong information, and the purpose of the wrong information is to promote the other crypto coins. Fake news and assumptions will affect your buying decision, and you will go through that coin and purchase immediately without gathering the real facts.

Many tv channels are spreading misinformation about cryptocurrency to increase the TRP, and companies give them money to promote their coins. Social media is also an immense power that affects us at a high level. A lot of famous pages that teach about cryptocurrency, and there are a lot more pages about cryptocurrency investments, and they got a lot of comments and likes. People follow them because they are providing information without knowing the information may be wrong.

So, in the end, you have to research on your own to get the higher return without fear and anxiety.