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Web Browser Debugging in Today’s Scenario

by Ragini Salampure
Web Browser Debugging in Today's Scenario

One can define a browser as a platform where an individual can access various websites on the internet. These kinds of software allow users to access gaming sites, social media, news websites, etc. As such, they’re used a lot in today’s scenario. However, when one tries to open a browser, they may often face errors like “vcruntime140_1.dll not found“, “msvbvm52.dll missing”, etc. In such instances, it is vital to understand why the browser is not functioning optimally to solve errors related to these files. Thus, this article will focus on understanding the necessity for web browsers, DLL files and solving issues related to these files.

What is a web browser?

As mentioned earlier, one can define these browsers as the software used to surf the web. Various browsers are preferred highly by people in today’s scenario. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera are some prominent examples. While speaking about browsers, one should always be careful about cybercriminals. With the advent of cybercriminals on the rise, there is an imminent need to take precautionary measures to safeguard oneself from these frauds. These criminals spread malware content across the internet for unsuspecting users to fall prey to and have their systems corrupted. Here are a few types of malware prevalently distributed in today’s scenario.

  1. i) Trojans – Trojans are software disguised to look legitimate. They derived the name from the ancient Troy incident. These kinds of software are uploaded on suspicious websites by criminals. Users in desperate need of a file, or naive users, often fall prey to such traps and have their systems infected.
  2. ii) Viruses – As the name suggests, these files spread across the system. Once the computer gets infected with these files, they spread across vital files on the system. This activity makes them highly dangerous. System files essential to the optimal functioning of the computer get infected and result in inefficient performance.

DLL files and their significance

DLL files are files distributed by organisations for the essential functioning of their software. As such, the vcruntime140_1.dll is a component delivered by Microsoft. These files are beneficial to both users and developers as they are used concurrently throughout multiple programs.

Prevalent Causes of Errors Faced by Users

  1. i) Installation Issues – Installation errors are common. People have a habit of clicking the “next” button without thinking twice. However, some applications necessitate the use of complex methods. Inexperienced users frequently install software wrongly. These problems manifest themselves as registry errors and missing files.
  2. ii) Outdated Software – Another common mistake in today’s scenario is the use of out-of-date software. Technology frequently necessitates regular updates. As a result, manually updating the program becomes difficult. Windows’ operating system has capabilities that allow users to pursue this goal. Errors like “dll not found” commonly occur when users don’t update their systems.

iii) Malware – Malware frequently infiltrates the system via external sources. However, internet users are susceptible to phishing websites that masquerade as legitimate applications and upload virus material. As a result, these programs offer genuine risks to consumers. Users may avoid viruses by using anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, etc.

  1. iv) Authorisation Errors – Authorisation errors arise when system features prevent particular files from being used. These files are required to execute third-party applications. Anti-virus software, firewalls, and other security software, on the other hand, consider these files to be dangerous.

Solutions to Errors

There are various methods individuals can use to resolve these issues. Here are some of the prominently used methods preferred highly by users.

  • Download Missing File
  • System Restart
  • System Restore
  • Software Reinstallation

In conclusion, while there are actually various methods to solve these issues, one needs to understand the complexities before opting for a solution. 

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