Ways to Organize Your Things at Home With a Pegboard

Charlotte Miller

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Renovating your home or doing some DIY remodelling is a great way to organize things or make small changes. Whether you are looking for a fun home project or need to maximize your space in certain areas, pegboards are among the best multipurpose organizers you can have at home. While you often see these in warehouses or garages to hang your tools, there are so many ways to use a pegboard in other parts of your home.

If you are getting started on spring cleaning and need to free up some space, organizing your things can make all the difference. Thus, before you get started with your renovation project, plan out your design and measure out the space you have on your wall. To give you inspiration, check out these fun and creative ways to stay organized with a pegboard.

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Sort Kitchen Supplies

When working in the kitchen, it can be inconvenient to open several drawers to get supplies while cooking. Ideally, you want them to be within reach and easy to grab, but at times, it can be hard to find a place for unusually shaped tools like your rolling pin. If this is a dilemma, adding a pegboard to your kitchen can do wonders for your space. You can hang all our supplies conveniently, attach holders for your spices, and overall clear up much of your working space.

Upgrade Your Laundry Area

Your laundry room is probably the last place where you would imagine pegboards to go. However, you can certainly add a whole new level of organization by adding them. Hang a board for all your cleaning supplies and tools, so you can easily grab them whenever needed. Whether it be your gloves, lint rollers, brushes, or any other tool, having them hung on the wall can make your life easier while cleaning. 

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Organize Your Workspace

Now that work-at-home is common in the new normal, you might have a dedicated workspace at home. Staying organized with all your documents, files, and supplies can help you maintain a clean working area to boost productivity. To do this, you can install a floor-to-ceiling pegboard, or even a regular type, behind your desk to place most of the things you use regularly. You can even add shelves and decorate the board as you like to give you inspiration while working!

Customize Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a beautiful addition to any room, but once you nail in the frames or hang some plants, it can be hard to rearrange the wall without redoing everything. Pegboards allow you to have more flexibility in customizing your gallery wall, so you can easily change up the design whenever you feel like it. No need to worry about damaging your wall, as the holes on the board give you the liberty to move things around any time you feel like you need a change.

Hang Your Plants

If you have limited space but want to create a mini outdoor garden, a pegboard allows you to create a vertical wall design to save space. With this setup, you can easily hang your pots and plants to showcase your collection and create a beautiful garden without taking up too much space. This can also work for a balcony or patio if you want to add more colour and vibrancy to your home.