Ways A POS System Can Increase Restaurant Sales

Charlotte Miller

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The food-service industry, though a lucrative sector when business cards are played right, can be quite brutal. Not to scare you into rethinking your restaurant business model (or maybe rethink it a pinch, so as to ensure you’ve created one geared towards success). This is to let you and your team be ready and get ready for the exciting challenges of running a restaurant. 

No sugarcoating here. Just a candid recommendation that you must definitely invest in a pos system for your restaurant. Let us draw your attention to why, below. 

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What A POS System Can Do For Restaurant Sales

  1. Loyalty From Customers 

Speaking within a more general range, since a POS system is a go-to efficiency and productivity booster, you and your staff can focus on what drives your business in the first place. Aside from a passion for it, we hope. That drive? Your customers. 

It’s moot and academic that customers choose restaurants that serve the best food in town, with price tags that are worth their value in taste. Nevertheless, there’s one other variable that stands neck and neck with this. And that’s excellent customer service. 

It is understandable for a good restaurant to be busy from corner to corner. But this shouldn’t mean being so busy, you don’t have time to connect with customers. Having a POS system cut down on manual tasks is your bridge towards genuine customer loyalty. 

More loyal customers imply more great reviews about your resto. This translates to an increase in your customer pool. Ergo, higher sales. 

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  1. Stock Updating 

Having someone manually check on your restaurant’s stocks will pose arduous, especially if your business is growing. More stocks? More difficulties in keeping track of them. And a single error in reporting what’s overstocked and understocked in your cupboards and storage facilities can be a disaster. It can correlate to wrong items that are supposedly available on the menu yet are not. Hence, dissatisfied customers. 

A point-of-sale system can keep track of stocks in an astonishingly organized manner. Archiving will be a breeze. Updates regarding which vegetables the kitchen is running low on, which cold cuts are about to expire, which ingredients are vegan and which ones aren’t… feel free to add to this list as we go along. 

  1. Diversified Payment Systems 

A mistake you should avoid altogether is downplaying “payment systems” as a factor for customer satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction. With payment options widening in range because of technological leaps.

Fact: Your Front-Of-House will be all the better to cater to varying payment methods. Why? Because if your business doesn’t have the means to accept payments from certain payment channels, you’ll lose customers. No customers, no profit.

Good thing this is something a POS system can do. That’s exactly among its incredible features. Even more so with newer versions of the device. The machine can transact payments from virtually any medium, and in no time, at that. 

  1. Customer Rapport 

A branch of customer loyalty is “rapport”. Only, customer rapport usually takes time. That is, if your crew have time. What with a FOH and BOH always running around, making and serving your restaurant’s dishes to clientele who should never be kept waiting too long (another benefit of having a POS system is that it will stymie these occurrences). 

With POS apparatuses tightening gaps in productivity, your staff can be given more opportunities to build rapport with customers. Less rush for genuine customer service.