Want to Learn Crypto Trading? Check Out These Apps

Charlotte Miller

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No wonder you’re looking to get into crypto trading. These digital currencies are the future of the world of finance. No, they’re actually the present since they’re rocking financial markets all over the world as you’re reading this article. But how are they so popular? Well, you certainly can go through the EarthWeb’s review to understand more about cryptocurrency. 

Well, do you remember the last time you owned a bank account and you had total control of your assets? Of course, you don’t because the bank keeps your money and charges you maintenance fees. By using a cryptocurrency you’re the only one that has access to your assets and won’t get any pesky fees. Moreover, your personal and financial information will be safe. Season this with pretty good profit potential and you’ve got yourself a popular cryptocurrency.

But trading is something you’ll need to learn. You can do this thanks to the many trading simulators available on the market. Various game developers have produced them throughout the years and some of these apps will offer several cryptocurrencies while others will cover just one. Regardless of which ones you’ll go for, you’ll get proper training. Without further ado, here are several such apps:

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CoinMarketGame is one of those trading simulator apps that focuses on the buying and selling elements of trading. You’ll get to choose from up-and-coming cryptocurrencies or popular ones. Then again you will be able to trade with both if you want to. This way your portfolio will be extensive and you’ll know how to handle all kinds of cryptocurrencies when you start trading for real. If you don’t feel like learning how to trade crypto, then you can always go for a trading platform that will trade in your stead. You’ll come across several such platforms and one of them is the Immediate edge app.   

As this is a platform that trades for you, you’ll need to put some input into it. What you’ll also need to do is set its settings which is why you’ll need to create an account. You also need a starting budget when it comes to trading so a small deposit is another requirement you’ll need to fulfill. To learn how the settings work you’ll be given a few tutorials and a demo account to learn with. When you’re done with them then you can go for a live session. Then you can experiment with the various settings and enjoy the 10 free withdrawals each month.

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The buying and selling elements are just 2 of the many elements of crypto trading. You’ll need to learn how to use leverage, shorting a position, going long, and more. These are some of the elements that you’ll learn if you go for Niffler.

As you learn more and more, you’ll improve as a trader and then you’ll earn more badges. Eventually, you’ll get to the Verified status and then you’ll be able to advise beginner traders thanks to the experience you have. In short, if you’re looking to become a complete crypto trader then Niffler is the app for you.

Altcoin Fantasy

Yes, buying and selling are important elements of crypto trading but so is market analysis. These are the elements that Altcoin Fantasy focuses on. You’ll get to trade with the popular cryptocurrencies and you’ll also be able to test your skills in several competitions. If you happen to be on top, then you’ll get rewarded in a specific amount of the virtual currency you prefer.


There are many different kinds of virtual currencies online and you’ll need to know about their advantages and disadvantages before you stick to one or several of them. Finding the right wallet and online exchange will also help you excel in the world of crypto trading.