VSI Preparation Tips to get the Best CA Foundation Result in 2022

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VSI Preparation Tips to get the Best CA Foundation Result in 2022

The CA Foundation exam in June 2022 is near. For students preparing for the foundation level examination, VSI’s preparation tips can help them get a good CA Foundation result. All students must sincerely take CA Foundation exams to strengthen their basics, and it is also crucial to become eligible for the Intermediate course. The preparation tips that you’ll get here will give you the right direction to prepare most effectively. 

VSI Jaipur is considered one of the best CA Foundation Coaching in India. The institute is constantly working to create a system that can assist every student in realizing their full potential. Under the guidance of VSI’s dedicated and experienced teachers, 5 students have secured All India 1st rank in CA Intermediate and CA IPCC and 2 students secured All India 1st rank in CA Final in the past years, setting a standard for all the coaching institutes.

Moreover, VSI’s CA Foundation result percentage is impressive and way better than many institutes. In the CA Foundation Dec 2021 results, 215 VSI students cleared the exams. 

Here are a few tips to achieve the best ICAI CA foundation result by VSI. 

CA Foundation Preparation Tips by VSI 

CA Foundation Course is the first level in your journey to become a Chartered Accountant. Students preparing for the CA Foundation might not know the preparation strategy. The CA Foundation result percentage is only 30.28% in the Dec 2021 examinations. Therefore, students must follow the preparation tips mentioned below sincerely to achieve high CA Foundation results. The tips mentioned below are prepared by VSI keeping in mind all the students who studying for foundation exams. 

So, here are the 6 CA Foundation preparation tips by VSI to get the best results. 

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1. Follow a Strict Study Plan

The most crucial aspect of your study is planning. Many students can’t complete their CA Foundation syllabus till the examination days. VSI offers a strict study plan that helps the students to complete the syllabus on time and prepare for mock test series. Students may find it challenging, but with VSI’s customized study plan and tips, they can achieve the best CA foundation exam result in a single attempt. 

2. Joining Good CA Coaching

If we just look at the CA Foundation result 2021, it can be inferred that many students are failing the exams. One major reason for this can be the lack of proper guidance. Moreover, teachers have a major impact on a student’s studies. So, VSI believes that appropriate CA Foundation coaching will significantly assist you in understanding the concepts.

The past results of VSI reflect that it can be your ideal choice if you wish to clear your CA Foundation in a single attempt. You can also join VSI Jaipur’s CA Foundation online classes if you’re residing outside Jaipur. 

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3. Take Short Breaks

Studying regularly or for long hours can be frustrating for students. Moreover, this will only increase your labor hours and reduce your productivity. Hence, it is always better to take short breaks between your preparation to boost your productivity. VSI suggests taking a 10-15 minutes break after studying for 2-3 hours. VSI’s study plans have adequate breaks in between two subjects. This ensures that students retain as much information as possible during their study period.

4. Aim to Clear Exam in a Single Attempt

Before starting studying for the CA Foundation exams, make a goal and a strong mindset to achieve it. Students, at this point, have only one goal and that is to get the best CA Foundation result. VSI provides the right competitive environment, personalized guidance, expert-crafted study material that are beneficial for students.

If you don’t set high goals for yourself, there’s a good chance you’ll waste your valuable time.

5. Make a Good Command over the Calculator

As we all know that ICAI allows calculators in the CA exams. Since papers are always lengthy, students must improve their calculator speed. And, no one desires that they didn’t get the desired CA Foundation result due to bad papers. Understand the short keys, such as M+, M-, G, and so on. 

6. Prioritize Revising Three times

Students who want to get a good CA Foundation result, should focus on revising the syllabus. The CA Foundation course is huge, and at least three to four times revision is required. Plan your revision effectively. For example, revise all topics for the first time and mark similar questions, to save time in further revisions. Attempt to complete a single question for each type during the second revision and difficult, important, or questions require additional revision for the third time. Review the concepts during your last and third revisions, and only answer the questions you believe need revision.

VSI’s study plan includes revising the syllabus three times before sitting for the CA foundation exam. This is because students can get familiar with the syllabus and the question pattern beforehand.

VSI Topper’s Strategy for CA Foundation Exam

Here is the VSI Topper’s Strategy for CA Foundation Exam. 

  • Candidates must avoid group studies with friends if they want to get a good CA Foundation result. They must complete the syllabus on time and focus on revisions and solving papers. 
  • Candidates for the CA Foundation exam must try to finish the entire syllabus ahead of time to have enough time to revise at least three times well before the exam.
  • CA candidates should break down their concepts into small chunks and finish each one on the same day.
  • Candidates must have a positive mindset to pass the CA Foundation exam in one attempt. They should be constantly motivated to study.
  • Candidates must study for at least 10 to 15 hours each day to achieve a high score and obtain a desired CA Foundation result. 
  • Every day, try to review theory subjects and make short notes on each topic. This will assist them during the revision process.
  • Candidates for the CA foundation should create a study plan and stick to it.
  • CA candidates must organize their brief notes for each topic covered in the course. This will make it easier for candidates to revise.
  • Students should also work on improving the efficiency of their answers. They should do this by completing mock test papers that will allow them to assess themselves.
  • To succeed on the CA foundation exam, students must avoid social media, television, the internet, and other distractions.
  • Candidates must take breaks after studying for at least 3-4 hours to enhance productivity.
  • CA aspirants should practice yoga or meditation for at least 30 minutes each day to reduce stress.

If you don’t want to feel anxious and worried about your CA Foundation result date, study as hard as you can now. Start following the above-mentioned tips and start seeing improvements in yourself. 

Why Join VSI for CA Foundation Preparation?

VSI is the premier institute in India that assists students in scoring the high CA foundation exam result. VSI is constantly evolving and developing a system where students can achieve better grades through each stage of the CA exam. Professionals and experts curate the entire study content that provides an in-depth knowledge of the concepts.

VSI assures that each CA aspirant will easily crack the CA foundation examination with expert guidance, a series of tests, and encouraging them to attempt the previous year’s question. 


So, if you plan to crack the CA Foundation exam and are looking for the right guidance and support, VSI Jaipur is here to assist you. Further following our tips and topper strategies will increase your chances of scoring high, and you can see that in your CA foundation result. Or else, you can enrol for the course to get the best results.