Virtual Career Fairs: A Massive Opportunity for Job Seekers

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

With the Covid-19 pandemic situation still surging across the US, several companies have undertaken virtual career fairs as a hiring strategy. Though virtual fairs are not a new concept but have been gaining immense popularity since the beginning of coronavirus. Big and small companies across the globe are considering virtual fairs as one of the effective and smart hiring sources.

The rising popularity of virtual career fairs

There has been a widespread shift in the work culture, with the introduction of work-from-home or remote work options. This makes virtual career fairs even more successful as job applicants can bag lucrative jobs surpassing geographical boundaries. Hence, the rising popularity of such online fairs is increasing, benefitting both the job seekers as well as the company recruiters.

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What is a virtual fair?

Virtual fairs are similar to career events that take place physically. The only difference is that they are taking place online. They take place at a designated time and are similar to webinars. The job seekers and recruiters interact in a virtual space through webcasts, teleconferencing, chat rooms, and emails to communicate details and information about job postings.

Virtual fairs are not just about examine the resumes by the hiring managers but more than that. The recruiters will be able to meet the job seekers face to face online and hold interviews and even offer jobs right on the spot. Unlike traditional career fairs, virtual job fairs are hassle-free, less time-consuming, and cost-effective. It has become one of the trendiest hiring sources where recruiters and employers communicate with potential employees from across the globe.

Young job seekers can benefit from online job fairs

Several career networking platforms that host virtual recruiting events and online job fairs. Such fairs are mostly aimed at young college and university students. When virtual job fairs are hosted by networking platforms and companies on a large scale, it facilitates better and more effective access to opportunities for young job seekers and offers a seamless job application process.

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Virtual fairs: a blessing for the unemployed

Virtual job fairs paving opportunities for new jobs is good news for fresh graduates as they have to face fierce competition in the market. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, several people of the country have lost their jobs. In addition, recent college graduates are also searching for stable full-time jobs. Hence, unemployment is high. People bagging jobs via online career fairs is a blessing for many.

Online career fairs are here to stay

Despite having in-person interaction and interviews, virtual career fairs offer several job opportunities. The potential employees get the opportunity to interact and form a lasting connection with the employers. Furthermore, experts predict that even after the pandemic is over, there will be no hurry going back to traditional physical job fairs.

Time and money gets saved

Because career fairs are becoming online at a larger rate, employers don’t have to take the hassles of spending days setting up the event. There are no geographical boundaries, and travel expenses for both the job seekers and recruiters are struck out. The recruiters can carry out multiple shifts throughout the day. The same applies to job seekers who can participate in numerous job posts. Thus, it saves time and money for both and thereby is one of the most preferred hiring sources.

Attracts more candidates

Virtual career fairs existed even before the pandemic created havoc across the globe. But the pandemic seems to have acted as a catalyst in increasing the use of virtual job fairs as the primary hiring source for employers. Because of the convenience of attending the job fairs from anywhere comfortable, more candidates participate.

Better campus outreach

When colleges and universities are conducting virtual job fairs for young students, it provides better reach. Since the exposure is high in a college and university setting, the educational institutions are considering virtual job fairs frequently. This results in new opportunities to connect with new talents and potential future candidates.

Better open interaction

Online job fairs provide better and more effective ways of interacting with recruiters from different industries. This allows the job seekers to learn more about the needs and preferences of the companies. Furthermore, the candidates also feel more comfortable in the recruitment/hiring process. The face-to-face interaction provides openness to form a connection that can be taken forward to the final hiring stages.

Recruiting diverse candidates

One of the highlighting aspects of virtual career fairs is that companies can recruit diverse candidates from different locations, backgrounds, and experiences. Diversity plays an integral part in the contemporary service sector. It is the companies and businesses that benefit from hiring people from different backgrounds.

Preparing for virtual fairs

One will have a different experience with virtual job fairs when compared with in-person interaction. Thus, it becomes important to prepare oneself to impress the recruiter or employer. Candidates who can adapt to the changes can be successful in interacting with recruiters and even bagging a good job. Hence, one needs to put his/her best foot forward and impress the recruiter.

Researching is important

Researching about the host company is an essential step to be conducted by every job seeker attending virtual fairs. The candidates must prepare questions to ask the recruiter to get a deeper knowledge and understanding of the company. This will also help the recruiter get an impression about the candidate’s interest to know more.

Good communication skill is a key

If a candidate wants to stand out in hiring sources like a virtual job fair, one needs to have excellent communication skills. The face-to-face interaction with the right oration can impress the recruiters on the very first go. Some recruiters have been so impressed with the communication skills of the candidates, and they have offered jobs on the spot.


The internet has completely changed the way recruiters and job seekers interact today. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has also led to the increase in the practice of virtual job fairs. Overall, they have been helping tons of people bag their dream jobs. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that virtual job fairs have become one of the most cost-effective and result-oriented hiring sources in the present era.