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Vertu Mobile India Online Store | Check the Latest Vertu Mobiles 

by Aishwarya
Vertu Mobile India Online Store | Check the Latest Vertu Mobiles 

One can simply never go wrong with the beauty and durability of a Vertu phone. A phone can never be a good phone if it doesn’t satisfy the wants of the public of the 21st century. That is where Vertu comes into the picture. This brand has managed to craft mobile phones that are not just wonderful to look at, but are also extremely functional, durable and efficient. These are just some of the aspects that make Vertu different from the rest of the phones in the market. Each and every phone that Vertu creates is a very unique trilogy of performance, services and craftsmanship. Unlike other phones, the reason why this brand is so different and unique is that Vertu phones are hand built by craftsmen, one at a time. That’s the beauty of this brand. They believe in sheer craftsmanship and superior quality of products and services. This brand does not compromise on the quality of the mobile phones that are manufactured. Hence, it takes time and effort to make such a phone. Also, for manufacturing Vertu phones, the manufacturers use the most expensive stones and gemstones, such as rubies, diamonds and sapphires. The most amazing aspect of this brand is that they also provide a wide range of personalised options and bespoke mobile phones that can suit your style and convenience. Hence, this brand helps in fully expressing your individuality, sense of style and technology. 

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Vertu has also been developed by keeping in mind the highest benchmarks of power, performance and reliability. These phones ensure a crystal clear sound and wonderful functionality. They also ensure fast-processing and offer you with global connectivity to rely upon. No wonder these handmade phones are made with wonder and enthusiasm in England. 

Vertu Aster P is the latest mobile phone that has been introduced by Vertu. This brand never misses a thing! It has a front camera of 20 MP along with a RAM of 6 GB. It also bears a 4.97-inch display with a 12 MP of rear camera. This phone was launched in October 2018. This phone also comes with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Vertu Aster P is based on Android 8.1 Oreo and packs 128GB of inbuilt storage. The Vertu Aster P is a dual-SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts Nano-SIM and Nano-SIM cards. The most impeccable part about this mobile phone is that this set was launched in various colours, such as Black, Gentleman Blue, Caramel Brown, Twilight Orange, Black Jade, White Moon, and Dazzling Gold colours. As far as the connectivity options are concerned, this mobile works wonders and almost supports all kinds of connections. Connectivity options on the Vertu Aster P include Wi-Fi, GPS, USB Type-C, 3G, and 4G.

From the nut bolts to the leather, everything is given great consideration when it comes to Vertu. These phones are amazing and look wonderful when you place them in your hands. Imagine having a mobile phone that is literally bedazzled with gemstones! 

If you’re looking for Vertu mobiles online, Vertuofficial.com is the website to swear by. This website is equipped with Vertu’s latest cell phones and Vertu’s cell phones prices. They are also known to have the best Vertu phones online. If you want to purchase Vertu mobiles online, this is the platform where you would purchase it from! The customer service is also very good and you can never go wrong with the quality of the products that are delivered to the consumers. One rightly says, Vertu is a brand that is a class apart. None can be compared to it, and it will always remain like that. Invest in the best by investing in Vertu mobile phones.

You are looking forward to buying a phone that equips you with all the resources and beauty you should go for Vertu phones. One doesn’t need much explanation to say that this brand has introduced some of the best phones in the market. The ones who have the ability to buy such a phone should definitely go for it. After all you don’t always get the opportunity to lay your hands upon a phone that is bedazzled and a treat to the eyes. 

Vertu phones are a class apart. From impeccable services to great aesthetics, everything is available at a touch here. The nuts and bolts of these phones are made in Switzerland, which only goes to show how particular the manufacturers of this phone were. Owning a Vertu phone is equivalent to owning luxury. You don’t always own it, but when you do, you want to keep it, cherish it, and use it for a lifetime. 

The best part about Vertu is that these phones can actually be used for the entirety of your life. These phones are strongly built and can never be broken by the face of this earth. The use of sapphires only goes to exude the superior craftsmanship that is considered and executed in such phones.

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