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The welcome procedure is critical in laying the groundwork for a positive visitor experience. Suppose you’re a property owner considering starting a short-term rental company. In that case, you’ll understand how critical it is to greet visitors properly if you want to guarantee they have an enjoyable stay from the minute they arrive.

A vacation rental welcome book is one of essential items you can send to your visitors to help make their stay memorable. That is why we developed a free vacation rental welcome book template, which you can download here:

When visitors arrive at your vacation rental, it’s critical to create an atmosphere of serenity and welcome, where they can quickly discover everything they need – including information.

That requires some mind-reading – predicting any possible difficulties or issues before they have a chance to develop and giving detailed instructions on how to resolve them in the event they do!

All of the practical information contained in your welcome book will be critical in preventing panicky phone calls from your visitors late at night (or early in the morning). There are only benefits when it comes to creating an excellent vacation rental welcome book. If you’re unclear where to begin, we’ve defined all of the parts you should include, along with some helpful recommendations for creating the ideal short-term rental welcome book.

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What is a handbook for Vacation rentals?

Typically, guests are inundated with information regarding their bookings. From vacation rental home guidelines to check-in instructions, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information before the trip starts. A vacation rental welcome book is intended to alleviate tension, set the tone for a peaceful stay, and, of course, make your visitors feel at home.

This is the area where you may meet your new visitors informally while also giving them all the information they need regarding their stay. Because the welcome book is about the whole visitor experience, you should also educate them about the local environment and essential town lore. Consider it an enlightening but friendly greeting.

What to Add in the Welcome Book For Your Vacation Rental

When selecting what to include in your vacation rental welcome book, one constant should be that each part should be beneficial to first-time visitors in your location and house.

That is why we believe it would be ideal for dividing the vacation rental welcome book into easily navigable parts. Here are some of our best recommendations, ideas, and suggestions on what to add!

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  1. Greetings

Above all, you should use the first portion of your welcome book to greet your visitors upon their arrival at your vacation rental.

You’ve heard it time and time again: initial impressions last. Therefore, do not pass up this chance to ensure that your visitors have the finest possible start to their stay at your home.

This customized “hello” will not only serve as a nice introduction to your visitors but will also demonstrate that you care about their experience in your house. This is especially beneficial and can help you establish a fantastic first impression if you employ an automatic check-in system and are not often there to welcome visitors upon their arrival.

Additionally, you might add a quick overview of:

  • Cleaning procedures and standards
  • Parking details Required access code (if applicable)
  • Password for guest WiFi
  • Your contact information

Even if your short-term rental visitors do not read your welcome book, they must have access to it. Otherwise, they will very certainly seek your aid.

  1. Contents page

In a fantasy world, your visitors will completely read your welcome book. That is not going to happen in reality. Guests are itching to go away! They’re likely to skim the book or search instantly for information, such as the internet password or pool entrance code.

A table of contents organizes your welcome book, allowing you to steer visitors correctly while also providing them with a clear path to the information they want.

  1. Contact information for helpful emergency personnel

Along with your contact information, you’ll want to provide the following emergency services’ contact information and locations just in case:

Medical Clinic or Hospital Closest to You Fire Department Police Department

Bear in mind that visitors may not have access to all of the resources that they would have at home. They will feel more secure if they know you are concerned about their safety.

  1. A list of amenities

Perhaps your visitors booked in a hurry or made the reservation months in advance. In any case, they may have forgotten about the facilities available at your home. It’s important to bring them up again so all your property can wow visitors.

This also grants them indirect authorization to utilize your property’s facilities. Perhaps the apartment complex has a washer and dryer or a fireplace. Guests may be unclear if they are permitted access to anything on the property, particularly if they do not have it at their own house. A comprehensive listing of your facilities reassures visitors that they are free to utilize them whenever they want.

  1. Arrival and departure details

Suppose you want to transmit an electronic copy of your welcome book to visitors before their arrival. In that case, it’s a good idea to include arrival and departure information within the first few pages.

This section covers the whole location of your rental, instructions to your house from the closest airport and train/bus station, check-in and check-out policies (and if they are flexible or stringent), and more.

  1. Instructions for use

If your visitors cannot figure out simple tasks such as turning on the thermostat, they may express their frustration on your property evaluations. It’s critical to give instructional material on utilizing certain services and products.

You may create instructions for the following:

  • Access to Real Estate (lockbox code, garage code, gate)
  • Restrictions on routers and the Internet
  • Thermostat
  • Spa or fireplace
  • Barbecue
  • Pool
  • Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Appliances for the Kitchen
  • Remote control for television/DVD player
  • Netflix/HBO/Hulu

Additionally, here is an excellent location to put laws for smoking, breakage, garbage, and water information. You may also add any peculiarities about your rental. Is your WiFi strong throughout the home but weak on the patio? Include it in this part to ensure that they understand what to anticipate.

  1. Activity manual

While some people may come with a pre-determined schedule, others may seek advice from locals – you! That is why you should devote a whole part of your welcome book to highlighting the activities and attractions available in your region.

Demonstrate your knowledge by including a “best of” list of your favorite activities around your property. Additionally (and depending on your rental area), you may wish to include sections for popular recreational activities such as walks/hikes, cycling routes, beaches, and watersports, as well as shopping alternatives such as fresh produce and second-hand markets.

  1. Guide to bars and restaurants

Write a brief introduction of your establishment’s food and beverage choices, using as much information as possible. Bear in mind that the suggestion reflects you, and you do not want a negative eating experience to be associated with your establishment.

Perhaps there is a regional specialty dish? Or a regional cuisine?

This should be followed by a list of your favorite restaurants, bars, and lunch locations, as well as suggested foods to try at these establishments. Don’t forget to add contact information, a website or TripAdvisor link, and, if possible, a map! This makes it easy for visitors to locate them and make bookings if necessary.

  1. Transport on a local level

Assist visitors in exploring your region by including a section with directions. Provide contact information, timetables, and any other details that visitors may find helpful, such as:

  • Taxi and shuttle services are available.
  • Routes de bus
  • Automobile Rentals
  • Aéroports et gares ferroviaires
  • Maps of the Local Area

This information is especially beneficial if your rental is off-grid and mobile coverage is not easily available. Additionally, it helps to give any insider tips on navigating about your neighborhood that only residents would know.

  1. How to contact you after their stay

The ideal visitor returns year after year. If you’re looking to improve the number of repeat visitors, the welcome book is an excellent approach to accomplish it. Ascertain that they know how to contact you, particularly if they booked via a third-party site or online travel agency.

While having emergency contact information is necessary, many hosts overlook pleasant methods to reach them. Demonstrate how they may sign up for your email list to get property updates and discounts. Additionally, you may include your social media handles or a link to your vacation rental blog.

How to display your welcome book for your holiday rental

You’ll want to provide your visitors with a copy of their guest welcome book before their arrival, but how should this be accomplished? While we continue to debate the merits of print vs. digital, many hosts are left scratching their brains about the ideal method for providing their visitors with the vacation rental welcome book. Both have their advantages, and the best option ultimately relies on the host, the visitor, and the property.

Printed version

What I like most about a printed vacation rental welcome book is how personalized it is. It’s that little touch that some visitors lament the absence of throughout their stay. Bear in mind that many people choose vacation rentals over hotels because they believe they provide a more customized experience. With that stated, you may discover that providing visitors with a tangible copy of your vacation rental welcome handbook is the greatest approach to ensure they have a lovingly hosted stay.

Take into account your audience as well. The additional touch may go unnoticed by millennial tourists and Gen-Z visitors. Additionally, they may prefer a digital copy, so they do not need to carry an entire vacation rental welcome binder. Assessing your audience will assist you in deciding whether or not to print a copy.

Digital reproduction

So how about a digital welcome book for holiday rentals? Nowadays, almost the whole reservation process can be conducted digitally; thus, should your welcome book be virtual as well, or should it be an exception? Hosts are always torn between what requires a physical copy and can be done online. Therefore, when is the appropriate moment for a digital copy? There are several reasons to convert your guidebook to digital, which is why we’ve summarized them all here: vacation rental digital welcome book.