UPA Full Form: What Is The Full Form Of UPA?

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What Is The Full Form Of UPA? Find Out The UPA Full Form With Full Information. To Know More About The Word UPA Click Here…


In this article we are going to know UPA  full form

Find The UPA Full Form

What Is The Full Form Of UPA?

The Full Form Of UPA is the United Progressive Alliance.

U= United

P= Progressive

A= Alliance.

Below We Are Going To Explain The Meaning Of UPA,

UPA Full Form

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Find The Meaning Of UPA

What Is The Meaning Of UPA?

The Meaning Of UPA,

  1. The United Progressive Alliance may be a union of center-left political parties in India established after the 2004 election. The chair-person of UPA is Sonia Gandhi, who is also the president of the Indian National Congress (INC), a prominent and most influential party in UPA.
  1. UPA: United Production of America
    United Production of America is an American animation studio, better known as UPA, active from the 1940s to 1970s. UPA produced theatrical shorts for Columbia pictures, television series for CBS, etc.

Notable series of UPA

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Find The Abbreviation Of United Progressive Alliance.

What Is The Abbreviation Of United Progressive Alliance?

The Abbreviation Of United Progressive Alliance Is UPA.

United= U

Progressive= P

Alliance= A.

UPA was formed just after the general election of 2004 when no party had won an absolute majority.

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Current members of UPA

  1. Indian National Congress
  2. Rashtriya Lok Dal
  3. Rashtriya Janata Dal
  4. Indian Union Muslim League
  5. Mahan Dal
  6. Kerala Congress
  7. Socialist Janata (Democratic)
  8. Revolutionary Socialist Party ( Rebel)
  9. Peace party of India
  10. Janata Dal (United)

Past Members of UPA

Following is a list of Political parties that were associated with UPA once but, withdrawn from the coalition due to some reason.

  1. Telangana Rashtra Samithi
  2. MDMK
  3. Bahujan Samaj Party
  4. Left Front
  5. People’s Democratic Party
  6. Pattali Makkal Katchi
  7. AIMIM
  8. Jharkhand Vikas Morcha
  9. DMK
  10. Nationalist Congress Party
  11. Jharkhand Mukti Morcha

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is NDA And UPA?

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is an association of center-right and right-wing political parties in India. It is led by the BJP. Its chairman was late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Is NCP Part Of UPA?

In 2004, the party joined UPA to form the Indian Government led by Manmohan Singh. NCP leader, Sharad Pawar served because the minister of agriculture for both five-year terms of Singh led government. The party remained a part of the Congress-led Maharashtra government until 2014.

How Many Parties Are In UPA Alliance?

United Progressive Alliance
No. of members 15 Parties
Seats in Lok Sabha 93 / 543
Seats in Rajya Sabha 67 / 245
Seats in State Legislative Assemblies show Indian States and Union Territories

Who Is The Head Of UPA?

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) may be an association of the center-left political party in India established after the 2004 election. The largest member party of the UPA is that the INC, whose President Sonia Gandhi is chairperson of the UPA.

When Was UPA Formed?

United Progressive Alliance/Founded
The UPA was formed soon after the 2004 general elections when it had become clear that no party had won a majority. The hitherto ruling Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) had won 181 seats in the 543-member 14th Lok Sabha, as opposed to the UPA’s tally of 218 seats.

What Is UPA Government?

The United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is a centre-left alliance of political parties in India formed after the 2004 general election. In India it is generally considered to be rival of NDA government in formation of government at Centre.

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