Unfold The Depth Of Watercolor Paintings Online With Its Color Theory 

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Unfold The Depth Of Watercolor Paintings Online With Its Color Theory 

People always have misconceptions about watercolors. They think that every drop of color in water can look beautiful in itself. Simply using orange and yellow together can create a dusk effect on the watercolor sheer. But this is not so. If you look for watercolor paintings online, then you will find out how every minute detail can make a difference. For this, it is imperative to learn the color theory behind the same.   

The Story Of Every Color In The Watercolor Paintings Online 

Let’s dive into the detail behind every color. This will surely help in the color application.   

  • Primary Colors 

Primary colors give wider mixing choices. So, here are the options that you must know.  

  •  Cool Red 

This can be confused with the pink color because its hue reflects the same. By far, this is the easiest color to blend because this infuses saturated pink color but mixes together to form a red shade.   

  •  Warm Red 

This is one of the most consistent red tones in the water color palette. The watercolor paintings show the best reflection of red because of its lightfast quality. It can handle every color for reflecting a tint of red everywhere.  

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  • Quinacridone Coral 

This color is the best for its transparency. It can be reflected beautifully amongst the other colors especially yellow and green. Coral with the green and yellow colors can give an earthy effect.   

  • Warm Blue – French Ultramarine

The watercolor paintings online greatly promote the French Ultramarine blue color as it replicates blue and purple hues at the same time. The blue violet tone is very stable, granular, and involves single pigment, making it a soft blue tone.  

  • Cool Blue

The color of this blue color is the best to reflect the highlights of blue evolving from other colors. Its phenomenal saturation skills makes it perfectly easy to blend with the other colors and leave a tint of green with blue.  

  • Cobalt Blue 

Consider cobalt blue as the middle point of warm blue and cool blue. Many watercolor paintings take this hue for the creation of skies on the sheet. Artists use it as a bonus blue above the regular blue to add more highlights on the sheet.  

  • Cobalt Teal Blue 

This is a single pigment color leaving behind a semi-transparent texture. It is a blue-green hue leaving behind its texture when dried. It is quite a granular color leaving behind the original teal texture.  

  • Warm Yellow

This is a semi-transparent and single pigment color, that can make a huge difference. It gives a pure, vibrant, and unique yellow texture with very slight diversion. This little diversion can be observed after the yellow has dried, but it will remember its tone.

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  • Cool Yellow/ Lemon Yellow

This vibrant yellow is the best when mixed with yellow and green. Many watercolor paintings  emphasize on lemon yellow because of its power to integrate easily with the other primary colors. It gets its significance after it has dried.   

  • Secondary Colors

Secondary colors can blend with the primary color to give the perfect radiance. However, the palettes for watercolor paintings online also have several secondary colors that are quick to use. Here are the ones.  

  • Orange

The transparency of orange is the biggest reason why it is among the most used water color in the color palette. Its intensity can even shine out of other primary colors like cobalt blue and green, making it a beautiful blend for dusky and dark color tones.   

  • Green BS

This is a mix of blue and green shades, making it a neutral color tone. This color is largely used with blue, brown, and yellow to give an earthly effect. Therefore, it is among the most beautiful and vibrant colors to create a natural look.  

  • Convenience Colors

The term convenience colors say it all. This color can mix with all the other colors and give emphasis to the tone you want.   

  • Sap Green 

This light and gradient tone can give a beautiful texture to vegetation. This bright green tone can mix with all the other greens to enhance the natural portrayal. It can be used directly from the palette to give a natural look without any mixing.  

  • Earth Feels

These colors are the go-to for landscape watercolor paintings online. These are not just around for landscapes but for all realistic creations. Here are some of these.  

  • Yellow Ochre

The base of this color remains saturated even after it has dried up. This is why it is the most used color for giving a platform to all the other colors above it.   

  • Raw Sienna

This is quite a color when you want to give a realistic skin texture. It appears similar to yellow ochre but has more distinctive qualities when it comes to a natural skin tone or an added tint to the sky wash. This is why, it is also among the most used colors.  

  • Burnt Orange

This color is connected directly to the earth. This is why burnt orange will be found in most of the watercolor paintings online that depict landscape, nature, and object paintings.   

  • Burnt Umber

This color is generally used for adding shadows to objects. It is a darker tone of burnt orange that gives a very rich appearance to the ground things.   

  • Payne’s Gray  

This color lies between Prussian blue and ultramarine, making itself the best for mixing shadows.  

These are among the apparent colors in the watercolor palette. Most of the watercolor paintings online show the blends of all these colors for the realistic, quirky, and artistic feels. If you are about to get one in your home then you must have a look at the online gallery of Artoreal. Here you will find globally fancied and surreal water color creations. From miniature paintings to portraits, there is a lot more in the water color range to admire. Learn the depth of water colors right here.