Understanding Electric Bike Technology In 2021

Charlotte Miller

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The Tour de France, the premier cycling race, will be 118 years old when it commences in late June. It’s the 108th edition of the race, because it was canceled for the two world wars. The bicycles of the past are nothing like modern versions. Technology has adapted to make bicycling more comfortable, whether you’re riding in the mountains or in the city. You may never ride over 2,000 miles like the Tour de France riders, but you can find a bike that fits your riding style. Ebikes are very popular in 2021. Here are some things to expect with new technology.

Ebike Batteries

Although ebike batteries haven’t made many changes over the past few years, the battery is the most important part of the ebike. If you haven’t looked at ebikes for a few years, you’ll notice that the batteries are much smaller than they used to be. The electric car industry changed the battery packs for bicycles. You may also notice that some ebikes allow you to remove the battery to charge it, rather than having to park the bike next to an outlet.

Nav Screens Becoming More Commonplace on Bikes

Ebikes are now connected to smartphones with more types of apps, including off-road navigation and fitness. There are apps that give you all types of data while you’re riding, weather, guides for new areas and even routes and traffic. If you’re using your ebike for commuting or working, you can also track your productivity and make notes on your route.

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Higher Torque

On an ebicycle, torque refers to the ability to rotate the rear wheel. Higher torque makes it easier to get the bike going from a complete stop. You can also get more acceleration. The Tour de France may frown on ebikes, but on a commute, that extra power can be the difference between being on time and being late when you’ve slept in a few extra minutes. If you’re wondering can electric bikes go up hills, the answer is yes. Higher torque and battery power eases the burden on your legs when you’re tackling hills.

Affordable Electric Bikes

Unfortunately, ebikes have been expensive in the past. Many experts believe that there’s going to be more bikes enter the market, which should help bring the price down to make them more affordable. Currently, European motors are most common, but as Asian companies design ebikes and bring them to the US, we should see lower prices.

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More Types of Electric Bikes

The most common ebike is a hybrid, a bike that is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. In 2021, you’re going to find motors on more types of bikes, from electric gravel bikes that are designed for speed off-road, to electric cargo bikes for carrying deliveries around town. Ebike technology is even being included on bikes that fold up for easier storage and transport on public transportation. Ebike technology is making its way onto every type of bike.

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