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Under Construction Page for Your Site or Small Business

by Rohan Mathew
Under Construction Page for Your Site or Small Business

Building a business brand begins even before your website goes live. Before people will even consider buying your product, you need them to know you exist.

Did you know it takes on average, five to seven impressions for a person to even remember a brand? So you need to get started fast.

A brilliant way to do this is by having an attention-grabbing under construction page.

You might think that sounds silly, but you can achieve a lot by having an effective page in place before the site goes live. Read on to find out exactly how.

The Under Construction Page 

Have you ever stumbled on to a website that sounded exciting only to find a dull “webpage not available” message?

You likely didn’t go back, but what if we told you that building a dedicated web page under construction landing page could actually improve your business prospects and get you leads.

It’s completely true and it can be done faster than you think. 

What to Include

The first thing to consider including is why the user can’t access the page yet. This is the first thing that people visiting the site will think and so having a response will feel intuitive and helpful. 

Next, consider including when people can start using the site. This can be done creatively with a countdown timer or date and time that people can build excitement and intrigue around.

You could even include a call-to-action to get customers engaged like the best checkstub maker in the USA

By including a CTA, you provide potential customers visiting a way to act now before your site is even live. Other potential CTAs could include a signup button for a newsletter, a link to other important pages, or other places where you sell goods if that is applicable to your business.

Some Behind The Scenes Benefits

With a solid landing page with something for people to look at and sign up for, you can start to reap rewards before the site goes live.

Instead of a dead webpage archive, you will have a page that you can track analytics for and implement important SEO factors that will boost the page’s listings before it fully takes off.

And a simple way to edit a webpage to add more effective content is by listing contact details and social media links for your business. All of this will contribute to building your brand awareness at the important early stages of your website.

So How Can I Set It Up?

Hopefully, at this point, you can see the importance of having an effective under construction page, and if you need some help getting it set up, the process is simple.

Many portals like WordPress come with built-in plugins that make setting up a coming soon or under construction page a breeze.

For some incredible under construction page ideas and templates, explore the rest of our website. There are plenty of beautiful and effective templates that you could set up in minutes.

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